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Spell check of true

Correct spelling: true

apodeictic, unflinching, even, true-life, secure, consecutive, average, bona fide, so, indefatigable, righteous, indubitable, geographical, trustworthy, sincere, serious, legitimate, standard, indomitable, simple, headstrong, unaffected, accurate, strong, fearless, inexorable, trustable, estimable, authentic, factual, dedicated, reputable, blameless, naive, virtuous, sure-enough, right-minded, solid, veridical, on-key, very, pure, true-blue, consistent, definite, staunch, veracious, authorized, original, earnest, bold, dependable, precise, tried-and-true, trust, relentless, professedly, concrete, upstanding, echt, confessedly, committed, Allegiant, horizontal, axiomatic, persevering, nonfictional, uncoiled, natural, representative, objective, honorable, pious, devoted, trusty, principled, straightforward, courageous, all right, undaunted, safe, nice, willing, set, come about, honest, strict, unbent, substantial, unyielding, hard, admittedly, calculable, deliberate, regular, sound, archetypal, brave, strong-minded, valid, lawful, straight, undeniable, just, real-world, fervent, steady, insistent, fast, certifiable, de facto, bullheaded, rightful, genuine, decisive, perpendicular, valiant, constant, normal, noble, ethical, moral, flintlike, stubborn, unfeigned, actually, angelical, tough, truthful, implacable, physical, straight-shooting, gospel, unshakeable, stony, law-abiding, iron-willed, enduring, tenacious, steadfast, upright, definitely, proven, dauntless, untarnished, naturalistic, convincing, geographic, faithful, loyal, level, ingenuous, documentary, credible, tried, apodictic, full-strength, resolute, flat, New Zealand, literal, lifelike, plumb, unbending, current, rigorous, exact, to be sure, happen, unpretending, respectable, determined, strong-willed, actual, undoubted, devout, steely, bang on, obstinate, heartfelt, good, artless, avowedly, bulldogged, proper, continue, vertical, innocent, stalwart, received, realistic, plucky, apparent, reliable, typical, stern, absolute, hearty, unchangeable, unmannered, down-the-line, saintly, square, forthright, accepted, develop, unbowed, liege, zealous, kosher, tangible, harmonious, stiff, certified, tireless, existent, resolved, obdurate, creditable, diligent, dead-on, correct, unimpeachable, unflagging, accredited, incorruptible, unpretentious, sure, true up, dogged, intent, decent, neat, pukka, dead on target, right, unwavering, firm, irreproachable, worthy, decided, on-target, real, matter-of-fact, unquestionable, diehard, erect, characteristic, spunky, veritable, ruthless, uncompromising, spot-on, effective, fair, persistent, authoritative, responsible, thorough, historical, certain.

erratic, infrequent, sycophantic, funny, curious, iniquitous, hesitant, made-up, freakish, outré, unrighteous, deceitful, vile, sham, visualized, potential, weird, legendary, fabricated, suspicious, foxy, fallen, unknown, inaccurate, immoral, delusory, refined, aberrant, odd, fabled, pictured, illegitimate, naughty, untrusty, undocumented, imprecise, suspect, man-made, inexistent, scheming, unnatural, double-dealing, mean, inconstant, affected, untried, wrong, faulty, fanciful, critical, doubtable, hazardous, bad, suppositious, uninterested, out-of-the-way, imperfect, supposititious, dodgy, faithless, imitation, artful, exaggerated, far-out, unseemly, extraordinary, illusory, strained, objectionable, underhanded, unusual, vicious, baseless, invalid, worldly-wise, designing, cultivated, offensive, shady, smooth, synthetic, uneven, villainous, screwy, uncustomary, special, slipshod, guileful, dishonorable, fictional, unorthodox, artificial, mealymouthed, outlandish, noteworthy, wavering, nonrepresentative, indecent, magnetic, traitorous, erring, worldly, wily, sly, wicked, false, forced, mendacious, polished, trumped-up, unreliable, vacillating, ideal, wild, freak, nonconformist, defective, untruthful, debased, reprobate, erroneous, unexpected, imaginary, make-believe, recreant, loose, cynical, irresponsible, simulated, insincere, unfamiliar, dissolute, black, unprincipled, indecorous, unscrupulous, deviant, manufactured, unsound, oddball, fickle, knavish, devious, abstract, debatable, rare, unwonted, dissembling, shrewd, careless, slippery, manipulative, canny, disputable, kooky, wary, calculating, unique, atrocious, off, assumed, mistrustful, factitious, unbecoming, disputed, virtual, symbolic, outrageous, possible, delusive, bizarre, libertine, sophisticated, specious, romantic, crooked, undependable, disloyal, conjectural, infamous, unauthorized, blameworthy, dubious, feigned, imagined, fishy, alleged, inauthentic, invented, arch, mythical, anomalous, lying, perverted, skeptical, exceptional, abnormal, cosmopolitan, suppositional, eccentric, concocted, dishonest, fantastic, apocryphal, fake, flattering, unethical, funky, singular, two-faced, unconventional, hypocritical, unauthentic, crafty, untrustworthy, distinctive, mock, base, unctuous, unconfirmed, cultured, debauched, depraved, uncommon, nonexistent, envisioned, envisaged, civilized, incorrect, slovenly, supposed, hypothetical, faltering, uncertain, subtle, theoretical, questionable, slack, degenerate, way-out, pretentious, nonfactual, strange, conceived, unsupportable, unfaithful, cunning, apathetic, treacherous, offbeat, tricky, shaky, embroidered, unpredictable, low, perfidious, doubtful, fabulous, counterfeit, exploded, fictionalized, nefarious, corrupted, pretend, atypical, insupportable, peculiar, corrupt, shifty, untrue, assuming, quirky, spurious, untypical, speculative, fictitious, improper, remarkable, unreal, dissimulating, reputed, sinful, unsafe, problematic, slick, pseudo, deceptive, unharmonious, evil-minded, phony, especial, errant, evil, risky, wacky, flawed, inexact, idiosyncratic, inharmonious, dispassionate, misleading, chimerical, bogus, sharp, irregular, platonic, irresolute.

Examples of usage:

1) There was the true light, even the light which lighteth every man, coming into the world. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) If I bear witness of Myself, My witness is not true. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) Could Mabel Digby's story be true? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.