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Spell check of treasure

Correct spelling: treasure

coffer, plum, coin box, wallet, swag, abundance, laurel, pet, dear, wad, jewel, store, wherewithal, petty cash, bauble, fortune, lumberyard, encourage, look forward to, prise, feature, shelter, treat, antiquarian, care for, closet, crown, cupboard, bullion, bank, larder, worth, warehouse, drawer, hold dear, beloved, hayloft, assets, artifact, pile, pride, prize, jump for joy, storage, essence, capital, rich, appraise, Samaritan, commissary, measure, mensch, appreciate, treasury, granary, reservoir, love, kitty, revalue, concern, armory, arsenal, precious stone, jewellery, hoarded wealth, proceeds, apprize, change, funds, nurture, respect, idol, pearl, trophy, core, chest, key, trinket, library, bank note, IOU, stash, saint, promissory note, collect, find, remembrance, souvenir, rate, depot, boast, loot, memorabilia, bond, savior, ways and means, coinage, depository, crown jewel, cash box, riches, gem, palm, ingot, repository, jimmy, favor, treasure-house, money, supermarket, backlog, cling to, rejoice, owned, bursary, garland, sweetheart, novelty, nugget, storeroom, value, fairy godmother, market, cellar, lever, set aside, safe, staple, greenback, gold, draft, vault, element, cherish, antiquity, plaque, basis, stock, reserve, cup, income, inventory, piggy bank, strongbox, sterling, moolah, commemoration, keepsake, jewelry, cheer, affluence, marker, purse, wealth, silo, receipts, keep, comfort, cache, go-to guy, nest egg, collector, locker, monument, thrive on, nourish, ribbon, muffin, bankroll, darling, wreath, issue, grocery, gemstone, profit, evaluate, money order, dough, precious, entertain, harbor, stone, gross, corncrib, lucre, esteem, mart, take account, wampum, archive, assess, chain, memento, bill, accumulation, honey, net worth, balance sheet, honor, favorite, antique, save, valuate, hoard, pocket money, star, spending money, credit, buttery, crib, silver, check, memorial, pelf, scratch, copper, rejoice in, till, collectible, dollar, protect, testimonial, currency, retain, stockpile, cash, apprise, priority, collector's item, foster, brighten, catch, bling, store up, bin, artefact, note, angel, collection, coupon, pounds, emporium, storehouse, pry, nurse.

dishonor, blemish, disgrace, loser, fright, lemon, stigma, blot, stain, smudge, slur, eyesore, defect, shame, smirch, horror, mess.

Examples of usage:

1) The Treasure of the Humble. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

2) Some of Captain Kidd's treasure, for instance. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) You are full of Captain Kidd's treasure, and so are half the boys. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.