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Spell check of tabasco

Correct spelling: tabasco

cinnamon, radish, spice, chive, ginger, sauce, flavoring, cayenne, seasoning, turmeric, salt, mustard, onion, paprika, thyme, pepper, sage, chutney, leek, red pepper, condiment, nutmeg, salad dressing, garlic, allspice, pickle, applesauce, Tabasco Sauce, relish, vanilla, vinegar, mint, peppermint, parsley, dill, tartar sauce, mayonnaise, dressing, chili, clove, horseradish, cayenne pepper.

Examples of usage:

1) Yes, he spoiled it taking tabasco sauce when he was hazed three years ago. - "Captain Jinks, Hero", Ernest Crosby.

2) " Here, give me the tabasco bottle," whispered Clark to Smith. - "Captain Jinks, Hero", Ernest Crosby.

3) " Yes," said Smith; " strange to say, it's the very same one, and all through his life afterward he took tabasco three times a day." - "Captain Jinks, Hero", Ernest Crosby.