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Spell check of step

Correct spelling: step

whole step, choreographer, episode, second, ace, hectometer, activity, label, tactic, gait, rank, measure, place, shouting distance, gurgle, hop, species, tread, banister, footprint, operation, kilometer, rate, ill-treat, trail, skip, sort, stroll, hairsbreadth, people, position, touchstone, tonus, footing, instalment, con amore, minute, spirit, tone, phylum, taxonomy, route, pad, act, means, aerobics, reach, move, landing, stripe, mold, mark, metre, notch, stagger, elevator, dance, term, feeling, tincture, arr., print, bill, brand, shout, measurement, degree, bannister, trace, lowlights, note, status, level, category, state, meter, hairline, venture, flavor, mil, bodybuilding, radius, depth, aerobic, genus, set, rung, wander, genotype, form, order, potential, type, caste, cut, mensuration, race, ilk, dance step, handrail, hike, tonicity, round, calisthenics, blackguard, strain, amount, whole tone, musical note, ladder, strut, adagio, babel, big, block, variety, expedient, beat, cadence, kind, call it quits, bend, measuring, misuse, style, run, intensity, deed, inch, low point, series, millimeter, denomination, stage, pervert, station, measuring rod, demonstration, alike, standard, ill-use, phase, retire, procedure, escalator, clan, rod, choreographic, start, imprint, maneuver, flavour, feather, pace, decimeter, course, continue, mile, aquarobics, hum, stray, bar line, trample, hairbreadth, bass clef, choreography, cubit, amplitude, fire escape, footmark, persuasion, breed, fathom, rest, walk, knot, family, pathway, magnitude, classification, gradation, tone of voice, point, smell, angstrom, similarly, designation, stamp, caliber, boxercise, mistreat, extent, climb, circuit training, criterion, chin-up, flight, peg, range, graduation, abuse, clef, tempo, pure tone, con brio, andante, vestige, juncture, dumbwaiter, track, steps, quantity, grade, drop, footfall, clapperclaw, centimeter, standing, impression, footwork, stock, kick, tint, babble, carry, footstep, gesture, quality, foot, choreograph, shift, feel, saunter, look, class, amble, chapter, stone's throw, bar, piece, scale, timbre, maltreat, neck, gabble, micron, stair, way, trek, gargle, goose step, furlong, timber, decameter, yard, thing, stride, limp, action, call, installment, shuffle, line, ell, grain, shade, measuring stick, make, league, kingdom, allegro, hiccup.

country mile, light-year, long haul, infinity, mile.

Examples of usage:

1) Then he stood off a step or two and studied Maude's make up. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) The first step had at last been taken. - "A History of the Third French Republic", C. H. C. Wright.

3) Step over here, me girl. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.