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Spell check of spirit

Correct spelling: spirit

vision, disposition, phantasm, guardian, temperament, French polish, nymph, tint, thrust, zing, heart and soul, Dracula, creature, sauce, gathering, dwarf, pith, fervency, succubus, feeling, spirits, hellcat, tenderness, living, frame of mind, nixie, vitality, fervor, bunyip, bugaboo, might, smack, angelic, life force, ticker, potable, peppiness, inebriant, tipple, vivaciousness, remove, expression, industriousness, significance, bounce, hant, esprit, blaspheme, opinion, lifetime, shade, aim, haunt, hooch, illusion, zeal, passion, tonus, life story, valiance, focus, spunk, firewater, drive, angel, strength, feelings, looking at, denotation, earnestness, look, timber, rum, oomph, bosom, musical note, ardency, verve, sapidity, article of faith, cherubim, intoxicant, the Abominable Snowman, cheer, bleach, potency, borax, animation, braveness, vein, eye, axle, double, tone, subtext, olfactory sensation, snap, facial expression, familiar spirit, lamia, dram, hell-raiser, gameness, constitution, phantasma, ardor, ghostly, flavor, biography, intrepidness, doppelganger, dauntlessness, tonicity, blasphemy, ardent spirits, seraphim, enthusiasm, reputation, abrasive, bottleneck, relish, bugbear, human nature, intrepidity, cherub, zest, bogey, nightmare, sensation, agitation, whole tone, spirit up, sylph, divine spark, intent, spark, perseverance, hub, energy, drift, usage, horror, belt, pump, genius, strong drink, aperitif, liveliness, will, bravery, outlook, undauntedness, vivacity, connotation, power, tactual sensation, cup, body, pep, inclination, warmheartedness, psyche, drink, dislodge, fondness, imp, life, sweep away, guru, be, olfactory perception, fiend, meaning, gallantry, pluckiness, chimera, absolution, emotion, face, aroma, scent, middle, rally, stamina, inwardness, crossing, agility, belief, funnel, philia, intuitive feeling, incubus, temper, Frankenstein, substance, goblin, dynamism, John Barleycorn, puissance, daemon, aspect, whole step, courageousness, goddess, personality, bottle, nerve, weed out, move, olfactory modality, inspirit, design, visitant, emotional state, magnet, get out, odour, looking, gutsiness, schtick, tone of voice, essence, smell, being, archangel, sense, fire, timbre, purport, rendezvous, life sentence, olfactory property, blasphemous, eidolon, feather, vigor, sum, stuff, dryad, effervescence, heart, moonshine, genie, motivation, feel, vim, bless, activity, air freshener, extract, intersection, tenor, friskiness, instinct, gut, cleanser, humor, eagerness, asymptote, smuggle, centre, soul, demon, hell hound, nucleus, werewolf, action, attitude, step, supernatural, record, warmness, alcohol, satyr, center, clear, phantom, affection, archfiend, aqua vitae, sparkle, blessing, exuberance, hobgoblin, pure tone, smelling, poltergeist, tactile sensation, specter, quintessence, force, lustiness, LAN, hellion, vampire, boldness, pertness, behavior, bogeyman, cleaner, grog, chaser, sprightliness, climate, ogre, fear, gravamen, undercurrent, guide, root, lure, mettle, stimulant, myth, sprite, determination, terror, epitome, notion, conduct, flavour, breath, brio, boogeyman, gusto, apparition, valor, impression, gist, touch sensation, tincture, vital force, ambition, foam, odor, sense of smell, revenant, lifespan, courage, note, valiantness, dash, posture, moxie, freak, nitty-gritty, savor, fearlessness, nature, plenum, fortitude, zip, take off, meat, lush, life history, guardian angel, disinfectant, marrow, materialization, centaur, polestar, excitement, quality, tactile property, flush out, shadow, beast, affectionateness, Bigfoot, crux, mood, sneak, bogey man, lodestar, intention, ginger, stoutheartedness, doughtiness, nub, dragon, wraith, bogle, resolve, touch, spunkiness, forum, valiancy, dishwashing liquid, savour, siren, gnome, ghoul, take, olfaction, purpose, character, aliveness, core, disembodied spirit, monster, liquor, kernel, booze, aspiration, juice, mode, ghost, pluck.

body, flesh.

Examples of usage:

1) You shall tell Faru of the Great Spirit, who is the Father of all white and black people, and Faru shall love you like a brother. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) " That sure ain't the proper spirit to show," he commented. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) We made our own coffee over a spirit lamp. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.