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Spell check of spacious

Correct spelling: spacious

vast, broad, sizable, great, large, princely, gigantic, brownstone, elephantine, extensive, wide of the mark, large-minded, soaring, wide-eyed, towering, massive, impressive, giant, baronial, carpeted, majestic, panoptic, prodigious, considerable, magnificent, tolerant, colossal, convenient, immense, encompassing, gargantuan, comprehensive, liberal, mammoth, full, appointed, long, wide, huge, grand, ample, enormous, capacious, bulky, all-inclusive, awesome, voluminous, tremendous, abundant, grandiose, copious, blanket, humongous, commodious, burned-out, lofty, expansive, all-embracing, carbuncle, across-the-board, unsubtle, all-encompassing, coarse, wide-cut, cavernous, big, generous, baggy, colonial, beachfront, unspecific, roomy, comfortable.

infinitesimal, insignificant, paltry, cramped, slender, minute, inconsiderable, trifling, slight, confined, short, limited, trivial, mean, scanty, little, microscopic, tight, incommodious, restricted, tiny, narrow, small, brief, snug, petty, diminutive.

Examples of usage:

1) It was a spacious apartment, which in the days when the old house belonged to rich people was well taken care of, and must have sent forth glorious fires- fires meant to cook noble joints. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

2) The house she now inhabited though not nearly as picturesque or substantial as the former home of the Evanses, was yet sufficiently spacious, with a pleasant garden in front and behind it; the latter, Marian Evans was fond of making as much like the delicious garden of her childhood as was possible under the circumstances. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

3) Jatupon looked out across the senator's spacious living room and then returned to the center where they were. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.