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Spell check of small

Correct spelling: small

dwarf, economy, smooth, discreet, gauzy, dinky, inferior, dwarfish, youth, down in the mouth, scanty, bad, elegant, excellent, atomlike, downcast, modest, humbled, stingy, affordable, toylike, low-pitched, delicate, spare, miniature, brief, wasted, limited, niggardly, fine, miserable, lowercase, over, depressed, off, infinitesimal, dotted line, wide, minor-league, slender, puny, bitty, outside, toy, lessened, subtle, squat, broken, diminished, minimal, atomic, subaltern, subtile, adenoidal, polished, comminuted, low-keyed, piffling, little, atrophied, pocket-sized, sharp, superficial, tiny, trifling, slim, slight, curt, splendid, midget, unessential, nice, stumpy, fragile, economic, pure, baby, nonaged, footling, format, nugatory, microscopic, minute, deficient, scummy, mean, tenuous, shallow, favorable, cheap, beggarly, sensitive, unimportant, incidental, capitalize, wee, minuscule, itty-bitty, subgross, minor, immature, smalltime, meaningless, teensy-weensy, humble, breathy, restrictive, bantam, important, quiet, depleted, teensy, small-fry, Mickey Mouse, paltry, inexpensive, restricted, microscopical, spoiled, inconsequential, preteen, unconsidered, micro, font, compact, ungenerous, sectarian, exquisite, under, pint-size, weeny, insular, runty, beautiful, humiliated, picayune, littlest, undersized, subordinate, lowly, low-end, dead, foolish, mild, clarified, croaky, adolescent, limiting, clipped, miniscule, keen, meek, lilliputian, itsy-bitsy, lesser, big, abridged, least, junior, brittle, specific, vitiated, moderate, condensed, subdued, dainty, low, scrawny, down, naughty, sparing, pitiful, exclusive, pygmy, smallest, capitalise, half-size, succinct, narrow, elfin, prohibitive, grating, shrimpy, weakened, irrelevant, subnormal, abject, underage, competitive, soft, junior-grade, gnomish, fruity, lower, smaller, petite, poor, weensy, insignificant, scurvy, thin, venial, piddling, gloomy, teentsy, meager, belittled, handsome, disembodied, small-scale, concise, elflike, young, flat, crushed, provincial, bittie, finite, bold, inconsiderable, low-spirited, galley, reduced, menial, low-toned, base, illiberal, whispery, undersize, copperplate, lower-ranking, low-down, trivial, teeny-weeny, parochial, subatomic, smallish, downhearted, full-page, fiddling, secondary, negligible, grim, under control, miserly, littler, appealing, petty, decreased, spoilt, frivolous, measly, mere, narrow-minded, pocket-size, dispirited, blue, small-minded, baseborn, minuscular, pubescent, short, niggling, clear, few, diminutive, pocketable, inadequate, economical, hushed, low-key, teeny, pocket, prepubescent, scant, frail, half-pint, refined.

epic, decisive, immeasurable, outstanding, spacious, unlimited, life-size, overbearing, astronomic, whacking, impartial, queen-size, essential, consequential, limitless, plumping, Himalayan, jumbo, boxcar, distinct, key, coarse, clumsy, catholic, extensive, superior, massive, monumental, fundamental, heavy, larger-than-life, full-size, walloping, cavernous, prominent, thick, freethinking, large, great, plenteous, much, fat, galactic, generous, important, vast, eventful, biggish, thumping, staggering, hulky, adequate, gargantuan, rangy, sufficient, dominant, remarkable, loud, puffy, outsized, good, immense, heroic, leviathan, elephantine, major, increased, herculean, weighty, volumed, colossal, overriding, notorious, hulking, all-important, voluminous, chief, principal, exceptional, copious, grand, enormous, bigger, king-sized, healthy, prestigious, distinguished, man-sized, bouffant, pharaonic, unbiased, liberal, objective, tremendous, double, overlarge, astronomical, hefty, humongous, uppercase, nonpartisan, broad-minded, huge, blunt, Brobdingnagian, titanic, meaningful, sizable, big, handsome, respectable, stupendous, wide-ranging, tidy, substantial, monstrous, prodigious, boundless, husky, open, eminent, immoderate, larger, fatal, outsize, extended, impressive, cyclopean, life-sized, deep, receptive, momentous, macroscopical, king-size, broad, infinite, largish, bountiful, incalculable, lifesize, distinctive, overmastering, blown-up, oversized, bulky, worthy, ample, mountainous, gigantic, mammoth, super, whopping, enough, valuable, old, renowned, worthwhile, significant, gross, Bunyanesque, cosmopolitan, oversize, giant, macroscopic, fateful, queen-sized, rude, open-minded, sizeable, basic, capacious, goodly, famous, illustrious, wide, harsh, plentiful, appreciable, considerable, macro, large-scale, abundant, unprejudiced, monolithic, preeminent, material, cosmic, tolerant, enlarged, stout, too large.

Examples of usage:

1) " That is small trouble," Stas answered. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) I shall be in the small drawing- room. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) It does you small credit. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.