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Spell check of sluggishness

Correct spelling: sluggishness

tranquillity, enervation, plodding, ponderousness, matt, dormancy, sputum, exhaustion, motionlessness, drowsiness, lingering, leisureliness, lifelessness, denseness, quietness, torpidity, stupor, lustrelessness, unconcern, tiredness, two-dimensionality, flatness, inanimation, do-nothingism, stillness, slothfulness, unfeelingness, indifference, sluggardness, insensibility, listlessness, apathy, languidness, impassibility, quietude, idleness, stupefaction, thick-wittedness, action, passivity, torpor, composure, mat, lusterlessness, paralysis, inactivity, sleepiness, hibernation, planeness, matte, lassitude, coma, catatonia, retardation, stupidness, bluntness, dullness, impassiveness, stolidity, leadenness, indolence, fatigue, emotionlessness, dimness, slackness, hebetude, loitering, dreaminess, cloddishness, laziness, lethargy, impassivity, slowness, industrious, reposefulness, inertness, shiftlessness, phlegm, languor, benumbedness, doltishness, sloth, stoicism, sopor, calmness, obtuseness, immobility, boorishness, weariness, unemotionality, inanition, stagnancy.

disturbance, care, anxiety, emotion, distress, storm, alarm, frenzy, eagerness, turbulence, susceptibility, sensibility, passion, vehemence, agitation, sympathy, violence, sensitiveness, fury, feeling, excitement.

Examples of usage:

1) Many a hint may be found in their letters to prove that Mrs. Browning with just such a frail body possessed a fire of spirit that carried her constantly toward attainment while he, with all the vigor of splendid health could with truth have frequently said " In the soul of me sits sluggishness." - "The Three Heron's Feathers", Hermann Sudermann.

2) On the other hand, if the four were massed and centrally placed, which is the correct disposition of any mobile force, military or naval, intended to counteract the attack of an enemy whose particular line of approach is as yet uncertain, their sluggishness and defective nautical qualities would make them comparatively inefficient. - "Lessons of the war with Spain and other articles", Alfred T. Mahan.

3) Even ten years ago the lake boats were ridiculous in their clumsiness, their sluggishness, and their lack of any of the charm and comfort that attend ocean- going vessels, but progress toward higher types has been rapid, and there are ships on the lakes to- day that equal any of their size afloat. - "American Merchant Ships and Sailors", Willis J. Abbot.