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Spell check of sluggish

Correct spelling: sluggish

stuporous, laggard, leaden, do-nothing, off, bovine, catatonic, muffled, cloddish, poking, auxiliary, sloppy, thick-witted, slow, lagging, still, sloughy, thudding, poky, hebetudinous, passive, exhausted, tedious, indolent, quaggy, miry, boggy, hibernating, dawdling, wearisome, unoccupied, dim, wayworn, muddy, besotted, dormant, automatic, vacant, drugged, inactive, ho-hum, weary, tiresome, comatose, obtuse, dumb, squashy, dillydallying, slack, indifferent, analog, clever, listless, slothful, flagged, soporific, frazzled, down, worn-out, ponderous, idle, tired, swampy, phlegmatic, enervated, dull, stagnant, gloomy, trifling, stupefied, reposing, leisurely, dilatory, stately, lethargic, measured, increase, cordless, sedentary, snaillike, crawling, lumpish, built, gloomful, marshy, fatigued, plodding, steady, loutish, unhurried, lifeless, dallying, motionless, immobile, boorish, unemployed, torpid, quiescent, sleepy, apathetic, lackadaisical, inanimate, loitering, broken, languorous, sluggard, delaying, soggy, doltish, boring, sulky, softened, sedate, inert, neutral, action, shiftless, stationary, paralytic, blunt, languid, doughy, drowsy, dense, benumbed, irksome, huffish, deadening, slowpoke, deliberate, dragging, creeping, snail-paced, insensible, glooming, trudging, waterlogged, static, industrious, clockwork, muted, lazy, drooping, lingering, run-down, automatically, vegetative, tardy, mucky, soft, clean, dopey.

scudding, meteoric, bouncing, quick, running, expeditious, sprightly, swift, fast, whirlwind, hasty, quickened, breathless, zipping, animated, brisk, flying, dizzy, vivacious, hastened, springy, scooting, diligent, vigorous, speedy, rocketing, peppy, speeding, hardworking, fleet, lightning, snappy, bolting, ready, vital, accelerated, sedulous, barreling, industrious, dynamic, employed, hurrying, rushing, hurried, perky, spirited, zippy, whirling, assiduous, energetic, scurrying, breakneck, active, racing, busy, working, careering, rapid, rushed, kinetic, whisking, occupied, engaged, lively, prompt.

Examples of usage:

1) He had a picture in his mind of Evanthia waiting somewhere, waiting for him with her amber eyes smouldering and ready to break out into a torrent of reproaches for his sluggish obedience. - "Command", William McFee.

2) In me a strong body is allied to a sluggish soul. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.

3) " I never pretend to be," said the young man, with a sluggish laugh, " I'm just as I was made- good, bad and indifferent. - "One Maid's Mischief", George Manville Fenn.