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Spell check of sledgehammer

Correct spelling: sledgehammer

hedge trimmer, knife, hacksaw, box end wrench, drill, sickle, axe, wrecking bar, blowlamp, buzz saw, Allen wrench, awl, means, file, sled, jackknife, snips, scissors, gouge, procedure, calipers, cold chisel, bow saw, mode, sledge, spade, planer, grindstone, drill press, pick, scroll saw, monkey wrench, pipe wrench, system, ripsaw, jigsaw, way, manner, spoke shave, crowbar, square, bellows, hammer, pliers, trowel, screwdriver, blowtorch, sleigh, saw, miter box, crosscut saw, machete, radial arm saw, bench drill, grapnel, technique, keyhole saw, maul, pickax, tin snips, ball-peen hammer, auger, claw hammer, circular saw, jointer, chisel, tactic, scythe, bit, tire iron, tool, table saw, method, back saw, basis, spanner, welder, arc welder, bradawl, shovel, hatchet, wedge, mallet, emery wheel, applicator, plane, punch, level, edger, lathe, shears, posthole auger, handsaw, band saw, adjustable wrench, coping saw, wrench, chain saw, stapler, lug wrench, vise.

Examples of usage:

1) Marshall Allerdyke felt his heart beating like a sledgehammer as he put his next question, and for the life of him he could not tell how he managed to keep his voice under control. - "The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation", J. S. Fletcher.

2) The sledgehammer of police methods had penetrated through the case- hardening of the village, and the place became hopelessly impossible for its population of undesirables. - "The Law-Breakers", Ridgwell Cullum.

3) After he had once made up his mind when and where to strike, it is true that his methods of war were very simple, and his blows those of a sledgehammer. - "Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War", G. F. R. Henderson.