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Spell check of sight

Correct spelling: sight

hand, look, behold, panorama, bulk, chunk, spectacle, army, mussiness, pickle, carload, potbelly, big, batch, sens, jackpot, lookout, whole lot, mess, multitude, set, peep, plentitude, flowerpot, fold, slew, mount, regard, mess hall, gobs, glimpse, loads, spate, study, spile, viewpoint, friend, bushel, whole slew, jalopy, plenteousness, stack, collection, position, deal, opinion, people, cumulation, imaginativeness, inspection, witnessing, inspect, gaze, discernment, destiny, atomic pile, big bucks, gage, multiplicity, hoi polloi, persuasion, regarding, bum, smokestack, spy, business deal, good deal, great deal, scads, bunch, cast, bay window, beautiful, grass, push-down storage, commode, resume, piling, fistful, lashings, perceive, horror, survey, mountain, stag, store, quantity, throne, potty, hatful, watching, plenty, circle, raft, stool, reams, shipload, world, exhibition, sess, volume, weed, cognizance, boatload, peek, passel, see, observation, yard, trade, visual sense, prospect, mickle, monstrosity, tidy sum, horizon, atomic reactor, rush, push-down stack, perspective, bus, megabucks, power, plateful, scene, vision, wealth, smoke, bundle, plenitude, gander, bargain, oodles, observe, push-down list, kitty, clutch, order, perception, surge, pack, chaw, peck, glance, profusion, barrel, dozen, stare, mint, delight, display, imagination, circumstances, luck, light, ogre, truckload, heap, mint candy, down, snoop, abundance, galvanic pile, arrangement, green goddess, mass, discern, eyeshot, kettle of fish, muddle, apprehension, visual modality, ton, eyesight, watch, hundred, sheaf, mound, stilt, agglomerate, corporation, muckle, voltaic pile, caboodle, crapper, portion, show, parade, fright, line of battle, softwood, freshet, glare, pile, band, draw, outlook, plug, troop, ken, wad, sentiment, fortune, scarecrow, sketch, nap, bucket, seeing, contemplation, eye, ugliness, flock, disposition, sleuth, peer, view, myriad, much, thought, quite a little, push-down store, jam, visual sensation, slob, fate, witness, spot, fix, can, lot, masses, chain reactor, locoweed, array, muss, company, blessing, descry, tummy, hag, eyesore, messiness, big money, plentifulness, quid, ugly, skunk, potentiometer, aspect, vista, potful, upsurge, espy, cud, chew, purview, basketful, cumulus.

granule, inadequacy, ray, pinch, jot, shred, skimpiness, strain, portion, sprinkle, deficiency, modicum, shade, flyspeck, dab, scintilla, speck, sprinkling, want, hint, dearth, lick, absence, glimmer, scarcity, famine, morsel, molecule, dot, dram, paucity, mote, bit, mouthful, piece, whit, ounce, crumb, iota, scruple, handful, drop, smatter, mite, scantness, shadow, shot, ace, scrap, section, nubbin, deficit, insufficiency, atom, driblet, poverty, particle, fragment, undersupply, smidgen, spot, little, tittle, nip, touch, smattering, grain, shortage, taste, peanuts, trace, meagerness, vision, lack, streak, scarceness, scantiness, tad, suspicion, pittance, dash, fleck.

Examples of usage:

1) It is better to be out of sight and out of mind until after Monday. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) He could not bear the sight. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Now suppose you run until noon and at that time take a sight for latitude. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.