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Spell check of shrink

Correct spelling: shrink

approach, kick back, downgrade, couch, cower, backtrack, falter, dissipate, pall, keep down, shorten, analysis, hesitate, analyse, back away, subdue, shear, delay, crawl, blink, weed, halt, drain, narrow, squint, thin, slim, increase, die down, head-shrinker, abstain, cringe, draw back, part, funk, decrement, wince, abbreviate, clip, ebb, wither, dispossess, shrinkage, shave, balk, bound, dwindle, flinch, top-slice, lower, cut, trim back, de-escalate, deoxidize, lessen, misplace, free association, curtail, condense, come down, shun, sidestep, pare, recoil, drop, subside, dilute, resile, nip, bounce, deduct, evade, fawn, sign on, cull, recede, let down, fade, sign, start, abridge, crop, consciousness, press, shrivel up, taper off, lighten, headhunter, stand aside, melt off, psychiatrist, aversion therapy, retract, spring, slim down, compress, trim, rebound, decline, take a hop, phase down, ease, bring down, avert, prune, analyze, elude, cut down, relent, bob, squeeze, ricochet, diminish, wait, escape, undertake, exhaust, divest, duck, wane, backfire, thin out, die, halve, withdraw, foreshorten, moderate, shrivel, concentrate, dip, grovel, quail, slump, lose, forfeit, reduce, fall away, scatter, dwarf, slenderize, trim down, let up, sign up, taper, collective unconscious, ego, deoxidise, constringe, contract, squinch, shirk, contraction, dodge, kick, avoid, blench, debit, deplete, take, cut back, reverberate, abate, remit, quash, fall, deflate, constrict, circumvent, shy, creep, retreat, scale back, lose weight, erode, decrease, backlash, scale down, tighten, skip, seek, truncate, dissolve, analyst, pause, compact, back, crater, subjugate, minimize, boil down, pull away, decoct, get, bypass, repress.

challenge, distend, puff, confront, advance, near, enlarge, face, increase, beard, blow up, lengthen, escalate, intensify, accumulate, inflate, emerge, burgeon, approach, stretch, mount, elongate, appear, rise, mushroom, wax, defy, show up, swell, build, balloon, soar, grow, expand, pick up, snowball.

Examples of usage:

1) With them behind him, there was, he felt, little that he need shrink from attempting. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) You believe that I have carefully considered what I owe to you, and to myself, and that I would not shrink from any sacrifice so long as my honour is not concerned, and that it does not lower me in your eyes. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) What He bore for us, shall we shrink from so much as realising? - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.