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Spell check of separate

Correct spelling: separate

reprinting, stratify, break away, normalize, grade, radiate, structure, discharge, disassociate, same, identify, sort, extraterrestrial, break off, carve up, severalise, take apart, get out, disjoint, rive, dole, detached, disjoined, infract, rip, crystalize, segregate, ostracize, say, unglued, diffuse, disclose, blackball, dispersing, collect, unrelated, go away, plan, split up, take away, discern, marshal, divulge, cleave, mediate, nonuniform, separated, dissolve, elucidate, compose, speciate, eerie, pause, straighten out, unfair, unequal, boycott, disaffiliated, categorize, maintain, unfix, disparate, signalise, order, key out, rate, banish, ruin, dissolution, disengage, recess, devise, give way, diffract, consort, break dance, better, seclude, stabilize, differ, fix, independent, distract, disproportionate, bust, bring out, fragmentary, clear, refract, crumble, set off, exotic, bankrupt, set forth, form, lopsided, continue, inappropriate, recognise, let on, establish, demote, reprint, sever, reject, conflicting, orchestrate, specialise, disenfranchised, snap off, relegate, extradite, cut, uncouple, isolated, inadmissible, come off, develop, bury, come apart, unglue, go against, close off, evaporate, disrupt, exclude, dissever, irrelevant, removed, segment, confine, insulate, single, steal, type, immaterial, distinguish, wear, demobilize, rank, disperse, winnow, scheme, evidence, unhinge, exile, extrinsic, oust, unallied, intervene, stop, divergent, weaken, apart, assemble, inapplicable, estranged, set-apart, collate, harmonize, diverse, prepare, unintegrated, balance, give out, screen, associate, remote, conk out, divide, kick downstairs, discontinue, support, tell apart, disassemble, disaffiliate, stand-alone, disassembled, closet, tell, incise, interrupt, discriminate, concede, mark, disintegrate, offprint, offend, muster out, cut off, appropriate, alimony, fall in, undo, fail, enlighten, crash, veer, sunder, attack, strange, bite off, know, impertinent, deadlock, class, enjoin, dissociate, fork, correct, cast, rend, integrate, scatter, decompose, sort out, clear up, schematize, fall apart, disagree, go to pieces, severalize, assure, individual, various, uneven, signalize, break up, bisect, damp, affiliate, vary, control, disarticulate, dispel, place, subordinate, group, sequester, expatriate, cordon, fracture, alienate, fraction, outlandish, right, dismantle, eliminate, screen off, detach, collapse, let out, unsnarl, halve, disaffect, furcate, give, distribute, discover, withdraw, contrast, disintegrated, part, schedule, remove, distance, break open, set out, partition, smash, diverge, state, disorder, crystallise, recrudesce, disunite, asunder, unessential, all, depart, unaffiliated, transgress, external, reveal, start, founder, dissipate, complexify, sift, expose, contact, recount, secern, name, isolable, erupt, autonomous, rationalize, dissociated, adjourn, illuminate, narrate, set, go, adjust, make out, expel, discipline, crystalise, chalk something up, know apart, unwrap, disjoin, start out, array, evict, regulate, design, take off, violate, recite, organize, breach, break, intermit, abstract, purloin, calve, pare, take down, bump, dissect, split, soften, break out, arrange, disburse, slice, break down, plot, spot, blacklist, spread, dissimilar, alien, isolate, get around, systematize, crock up, ex, excise, sieve, unconnected, push away, burst, pigeonhole, sundered, wear out, disconnect, alienated, disjunct, fragmentize, assign, joint custody, branch, shed light on, pitchfork, frame, pick, fragmentise, dislocate, die, divert, fragment, stick out, cloister, disconnected, unlike, foreign, abstracted, stand out, crystallize, divide off, give away, reissue, classify, assort, evanesce, foreign-born, deport, access, pick out, cave in, crack up, specialize, do with, break apart, include, estrange, amputate, secernate, outer, keep, severed, break in, describe, rupture, differentiate, distinct, leave, segregated, divorce, cushion, go bad, discrete, scissor, settle, eject, section, disbar, excommunicate, shape, screen out, score, dampen, single out, deflecting, program, extraneous, ramify, nonessential, outside, chart, deflect, key, axe, co-respondent, aggregate, unify, recognize, collide, check, alternative, freestanding, methodize, resolve, other, spread out, different, contrasting, assist, parenthetical, free, extirpate.

increase, cooperative, unite, strengthen, combine, add, fill up, corporate, integrated, restore, clannish, connected, concerted, cosignatory, conjoined, conjoin, unify, complete, collective, conjunct, conjunctive, conjoint, attached.

Examples of usage:

1) Dinah sat behind Chamis, the others took separate camels, and the party started. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) My proposition is that we take them up in three separate names. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) It grew late, and it was hard to separate my thoughts, my dreams, and what I was reading from the other. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.