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Spell check of secured

Correct spelling: secured

fetched, pocketed, claimed, incurred, retorted, cornered, accumulated, constrained, reaped, sealed, snared, protected, blocked, won, purchased, backfired, responded, affirmed, got, insured, barricaded, upheld, ensured, took, arrested, certified, procured, seized, shut, wrangled, closed, lured, replied, guaranteed, collected, gotten, averted, shielded, barred, stopped, vouched-for, corked, obtained, warranted, bonded, safeguarded, promised, resisted, saved, supported, harvested, achieved, heaped, countered, fast, latched, argued, policed, guarded, acquired, fixed, pledged, counterattacked, screened, bolted, hermetic, answered, netted, assured, amassed, rebutted, covered, apprehended, caught, sustained, firmed, joined, stabilized, fastened, tied down, garnered, maintained, snatched, assumed, plugged, received, countersigned, sheltered, preserved, conserved, collared, defended, bagged, retrieved, jammed, occupied, tensed, annexed, captured, scored, gained, stiffened, added, tightened, taken, obstructed, vouched, fended, warded, abducted, buffered, returned, bought, locked, choked, opposed, secure, palmed, landed.

Examples of usage:

1) Four were secured for our evening meal. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) This I did not tell the hunters, for they would not have rested until all were secured. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Nobody would have suspected that he did not care in the least whether he secured the order or not, or that he had long ago decided that any business he was likely to do with the woman was not worth his attention. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.