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Spell check of second

Correct spelling: second

succor, bite, blurb, token, mo, supplant, swap, factor, dependent, backup, double, turn, import, functionary, mho, entropy, jiffy, agency, molybdenum, aide, secondment, henchman, assist, abettor, flash, adornment, number, measure, spokesman, emissary, appurtenance, consort, lieutenant, fleck, chip, sustain, addition, underdog, randomness, semester, following, assistant, instant, servant, add, two-fold, cooperate, underachiever, attendant, centimeter, blink of an eye, back up, due south, secondly, assignee, foster, befriend, lesser, appendix, inferior, trice, sec, addendum, next, twinkle, imitation, vehicle, abet, bet on, minute, here and now, aider, auxiliary, decade, endorsement, impresario, certify, secant, imitate, year, siemens, middleman, aide-de-camp, time, acolyte, executor, broker, companion, imprimatur, min, also-ran, change, supersede, second fiddle, reject, league, flake, bit, inch, second gear, consequence, garnish, replacement, subordinate, warrant, ancillary, understudy, agent, under, 2nd, endorse, has-been, turkey, intermediate, exchange, extra, escort, two-faced, liaison, millennium, lemon, age, big, minion, dud, mediator, decameter, sanction, chaperone, routine, accessory, dummy, unimportant, gage, supplement, punt, south, duo, stooge, 2d, arcminute, second base, employee, heartbeat, southward, game, attorney, stand by, brother, encourage, binary, subservient, criterion, hour, support, sulphur, accomplice, counterfeit, week, convoy, laborer, mouthpiece, underling, present moment, spokeswoman, menial, duple, representative, loser, help, piece, foot, appointee, countenance, surrogate, failure, act, scrap, switch, alternate, accompany, day, atomic number 16, ordinal, jiff, yard, twinkling, attach, arm, displace, instrument, irregular, twice, appendage, twinned, decimeter, knot, nonstarter, term, other, dual, below, century, secondary, adjunct, back, bifurcation, double-barreled, adorn, atomic number 42, morsel, extension, represent, ghost, kilometer, second banana, patsy, reciprocal ohm, sulfur, subject, duplicate, alternative, stake, indorse, proxy, guerrilla, angstrom, two, flop, ombudsman, affix, stand-in, substitute, follower, step, ornament, attachment, partner, hectometer, uphold, delegate, plump for, minute of arc, helper, figurehead, intermediary, junior, trade, go-between, lifetime, fathom, mil, accompaniment, two-sided, helpmate, twin, moment, micron, duplex, hireling, tick, attend, aid, S, nominee, backer, block, flunky, replace, guerilla, indorsement, rod, millimeter, split second, month, insurgent, mile, ell, subaltern, deputy, era, arcsecond, spot, double-faced, operative, paired, forward, bilateral, another, epoch, fill-in, commute, actor, benefactor, dualistic, fixture, millisecond, envoy, meter, bifurcated, generation, wink, plunk for, associate.

discourage, resist, first, counteract, withstand, thwart, cardinal, oppose.

Examples of usage:

1) Harry King for the second time that day looked in Amalia's eyes. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) After a while it appeared a second time and again fell. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) One minute, one second more and it would have been too late. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.