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Spell check of school

Correct spelling: school

detail, conservatory, staff, aim, colony, community, educate, the avant-garde, pack, illustrator, edify, gaggle, police, junta, repress, church school, take, shallow, society, body, bevy, host, aggregation, classroom, class, circle, collegiate, condition, prepare, after-school, collection, faculty, division, sect, group, commission, troop, indoctrinate, fleet, business school, grad school, the Bloomsbury Group, retinue, academy, imbue, dropout, hive, monitor, inculcate, rail, inform, cabal, ground, scholarship, try for, specialization, seminary, gang, instill, university, tutor, army, artist, civilize, lesson, crop, college, clique, establishment, string, lights out, hall, develop, schooldays, support group, strive, union, preschool, fellowship, register, brigade, old girl, hold in, troupe, ring, school day, revision, struggle, comp, cell, direct, press for, try, attempt, train, squad, suppress, half-day, club, league, caucus, covey, assemblage, futurist, panel, coalition, academe, alma mater, tame, institute, induct, teach, outfit, master, canter, company, party, enlighten, organization, research and development, drove, battalion, bareback, case study, head girl, discipline, research, cartoonist, assembly, work, bunch, tribe, charm school, regiment, bridle, herd, fraternity, clan, dismount, gallop, boarding school, learn, litter, academia, convent school, classicist, initiate, groom, naturalise, crew, institution, take aim, flock, platoon, cadre, force, following, posse, association, probation, head boy, complement, conceal, schoolhouse, push for, high school, cultivate, band, boarder, free period, manage, community college, researcher, instruct, flight, schooltime, crowd, brace, set, shoal, go after, old boy, nurture, phalanx, playtime, schoolroom, break in, faction, wing, equestrian, naturalize, keep back, comprehensive school, guide, nest, civilise, bottle up, trail, coterie, A student, strain, schooling, classmate, team, caricaturist, drill, domesticate, check, study, deal with, coach, mob, building, lecture, graduate school, matriculate, flash mob, draftsman, detachment, grader, extended school, Impressionist.

Examples of usage:

1) School was over for the day. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) As for the children- they were still in school. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) " That takes me back to school," he answered. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.