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Spell check of say

Correct spelling: say

put forward, some, feel out, declare, jabber, suggest, debate, denote, enounce, interpret, opine, affirm, hypothecate, scan, guess, exemplify, babble, let out, suffrage, tattle, aver, tax with, assure, read, take, listen up, govern, allege, enjoin, chitchat, differentiate, tell, sound out, repeat, vocalize, assign, illustrate, well, divulge, fall into place, contend, submit, oh, boss around, register, regulate, distinguish, quote, prattle, asseverate, pronounce, speak, verbalize, point out, avow, ordain, plus or minus, order, relay, paint, picture, look, set up, recount, rank, chatter, brief, vocalise, rate, around, believe in, label, give voice, speculate, express oneself, roughly, words, push around, aah, put forth, mean, study, describe, require, fling off, answer, articulate, assume, vote, oligopoly, say-so, utter, remark, express, vent, adduce, reply, severalise, order around, record, domination, wow, come up, contemplate, maintain, near, check out, regularize, intend, allude to, translate, arrange, avouch, imagine, participate, judge, posit, invoke, cohere, understand, restate, voice, place, offer, authority, lecture, visualization, control, leadership, adhere to, monopoly, produce, like, set forth, regularise, grade, respond, consecrate, instruct, conjecture, address, hello, connote, raise, yo, delineate, presuppose, prescribe, preach, swan, ooh, echo, greatness, hold, put, convey, note, rattle off, profile, think, range, show, hey, advance, force, reckon, discuss, ordinate, tell of, pin down, recite, might, consider, introduce, separate, advise, state, more or less, dictate, cite, orate, rephrase, assert, think up, announce, power, formulate, tell apart, patter, deliver, learn, evidence, phrase, about, talk, daydream, hypothesize, theorise, paraphrase, much, command, secernate, hypothesise, recap, severalize, mention, claim, secern, verify, set out, swear, narrate, see, incline, define, enunciate, theorize, argue, touch on, right, read into, gab, report, word, communicate, suppose, all right, plead, relate.

exactly, sharp, just, even, squarely, smack-dab, due, precisely.

Examples of usage:

1) Come, what do you say? - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I don't know what t' say. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) What are you going to say to her? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.