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Spell check of Saad

Correct spelling: Saad

Examples of usage:

1) We had a most friendly reception from the native Protestants, and from the governor, Ameer Saad ed Deen Shehab and his family. - "Byeways in Palestine", James Finn.

2) His friend Saad stood by him comforting him, and inquired, together with all his friends, whether no tidings could be learned of Haschem. - "Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers", Various.

3) I do not remember the number of pupils, but there were five little Moslem princesses, grandchildren of the great Emir " Saad- ed- Deen," who was called some years later to Constantinople to be punished for having spoken disrespectfully of Queen Victoria. - "The Women of the Arabs", Henry Harris Jessup.