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Spell check of sa

Correct spelling: sa

Costa, the Cotton Belt, the Corn Belt, the Pacific Rim, bloc, commonwealth, Gr., the British Isles, Bharat, G.B., Ind., G.D.R., the UAE, colonia, the Emerald Isle, Cape Cod, the Bible Belt, Benelux, superstate, Great Britain, Aotearoa, Sturmarbeiteilung, commune, ACT, Storm Troops, the U.K., Britain, the Balkans, canton, down under.

Examples of usage:

1) He told me, " Yes, Sa, I do same whole camp one night, saddles, horses, bridles, whole lot camp outfit while you sleep." - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

2) Je ne doute pas que si il plaist a sa Stete de masister en ce deseing de remestre les catoliques en repos et de porter le Roy Monseigneur a leur faire plus de grases que jamais. - "Henrietta Maria", Henrietta Haynes.

3) Poor Crookleg am most used up, sa, most used up. - "The White Squaw", Mayne Reid.