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Spell check of running

Correct spelling: running

runway, streak, pelting, continual, discharge, lead, dissolved, gushing, scampering, feverish, campaign, falling, darting, determining, liquefied, runner, moving, rails, impatient, data track, hasty, operative, array, rushing, rill, liquefying, beachwear, tally, adventurism, dash, jogging, pouring, active, molten, streaming, breakneck, swift, bustling, rail, footrace, track, critical-path method, administer, ladder, breathless, hurried, speedy, loping, budging, flying, racetrack, cantering, actuating, accessory, trial, dashing, runnel, black, admin, black tie, awareness, transiting, transferring, linear, chairmanship, thawing, spurting, fleeing, run, caterpillar tread, trail, foot race, abrupt, scrambling, baggies, bounding, political campaign, cart track, racing, tearing, administrative, fast, extending, lengthwise, streamlet, speeding, thawed, coursing, proceeding, fleet, alive, running game, cut, bound, working, tumbling, casuals, brisk, path, rivulet, stirring, spouting, trotting, galloping, civvies, functional, scurrying, scooting, running play, raceway, course, crisis management, jetting, flowing, action, squirting, ravel, spreading, shifting, test, cartroad, dissolving, plunging, operating, revolving, pound, quick, going, urgent, passing, lengthways, reaching, coordinates, caterpillar track, relocating, hurrying, sprinting, jog, melting, functioning, outpouring, racecourse, combats, producing, CSR, administration, rapid.

pass, sporadic, standing, passing, malfunctioning, crosswise, nonfunctional.

Examples of usage:

1) For this when he comes running up to me I won't speak a word to him and will tell him that he is horrid. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Those two horses came running up. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) There had to be cause running through it all. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.