Antonyms of ROYALTY

Examples of usage:

  1. If you are a good business man you will secure an advance against royalty of just as much as you can make the producer " give up." "Writing for Vaudeville" by Brett Page
  2. There were also royal marriages to royalty on the continent. "Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
  3. They would have done it, by reason of the magic of the thing; but there was no thought of treason in the mind of Dalfin, though many a king's son would have grasped at the chance, holding, perhaps, that as the sign of royalty had come to him, the throne must needs come with it, though his father held it. "A Sea Queen's Sailing" by Charles Whistler
  4. That poor lass would make a model princess- according to common ideals of royalty- and here you find her coming out of some hut in the mountains and going to work in a factory. "The Power and the Glory" by Grace MacGowan Cooke
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