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Spell check of release

Correct spelling: release

hold out, shift, exemption, certify, wipe out, turf out, press release, inconvenience, give forth, absolution, renouncement, write out, venthole, relax, deprivation, deform, biodegradable, leaving, discharge, allow, reveal, freedom, push, communication, retail store, permit, break, set off, withdraw, comfort, abdicate, inflammation, disjoin, passing play, keep off, privilege, boot out, departure, allocation, egress, judgment of dismissal, get off, liberation, ferment, cleansing, force out, let go of, retire, spark, oust, vacate, plough, voice, fall, kick out, annihilation, come out, toleration, bail, dispatch, provision, pink slip, push button, wall plug, run down, get out, cessation, move around, rout, smother, offer, poke, come-on, manufacture, expiration, goods, unbind, squirt, extend, drop, cure, cancellation, exculpate, forgive, sledding, sack, uncoil, offering, unleash, qualifying, disclamation, condone, death, untie, carrier bag, wash up, flex, pause, unlock, consent, pocket, bother, dispel, loss leader, vent, twist, spare, let out, plow, throw out, disengagement, sour, acquisition, produce, eat up, throw in the towel, consumer goods, biohazard, paper bag, exempt, stretch forth, chemise, relinquishment, expel, muster out, parting, statement, message, publish, discard, melt, freeing, ad, set free, shed, unhook, shake, unload, let on, propaganda, renounce, fatality, liberate, disentangle, make out, sales outlet, churn out, exculpation, bundle, acquittance, carbon trading, clean up, spillage, product, disconnect, introduce, consume, waiver, emancipate, bless, quit, unseal, panel, vent-hole, deplete, extinction, firing off, disencumber, communiqué, drop out, electric discharge, lever, sacking, dereliction, autonomy, tone ending, justify, diagnose, rid, publicity, unveil, handover, douse, uncover, console, disoblige, wasteweir, autarky, tucker, wall socket, eat, chuck out, advertisement, renunciation, vacation, forfeit, judgement of dismissal, defray, throw in, trouble, commit, amnesty, relief, send forth, distribution, deliver, approval, uncouple, relegation, bring out, passing, vindicate, abandonment, stay, unfreeze, personnel casualty, let, show, call on, exhaust, change state, tolerate, eject, purification, undo, rout out, cut, bust out, dissolve, wrench, go forth, foreswear, electrical outlet, flash, pardon, acquit, unburden, render, sprain, use up, emit, dismissal, bulletin, exonerate, secrete, exsert, resign, spring, loose, exoneration, bail out, lay off, dispensation, cease, license, handout, expiry, vindication, sac, dismission, catalytic converter, empty, move, waive, spill, report, overtaking, rumor, end, assoil, disclose, concession, set down, determine, notice, can, button, bend, disown, exit, part with, mercantile establishment, absolve, proclaim, authorize, bare, disentwine, relegate, turn, notification, unchain, discommode, electric outlet, way out, firing, forgiveness, going away, desertion, fall by the wayside, grind out, free, desert, catharsis, kick, issue, put out, gossip, stretch out, news, escaped, submit, complete, cancel, volcano, decease, exception, immunity, become, unloosen, leave, expose, give up, broadcast, except, turn over, going, chuck up the sponge, clearance, leave office, squeeze out, dispense with, withdrawal, disarticulate, dispose, divergence, cashier, diverge, wrick, sap, display, control, defect, stop, unwrap, rush out, sackful, caseload, confine, defrayal, unloose, bagging, the carbon cycle, print, reconcile, quittance, breakout, boot, allotment, discontinue, keep, loosen, forgo, go off, acquittal, clean, spread, limit, run through, anaesthetize, capitulation, rejection, uncork, freeness, ignition, open, ending, turn out, permission, lighting, abandon, bedside manner, announce, roll out, unplug, work, grow, leisure, electric arc, loss, doctor, change by reversal, forego, biological control, purge, announcement, account, free will, excuse, manumit, posting, keep down, drum out, let go, disengage, reverse, drop by the wayside, play out, sanction, examine, run, breathing out, relieve, deviation, emerge, reject, tucker out, fast forward, throw off, presentation, unfasten, authorization, dislodge, unfurl, dissolution, rick, anaesthetise, give off, drop off, give, enfranchisement, unthaw, authority, alleviation, fire, blowhole, curb, admit, regulate, defection, break out, exclude, disseminate, red ink, red, ax, concede, divulge, cede, disposal, come off, passing game, let off, come forth, deliverance, forsake, riddance, surrender, discover, disburden, unroll, resignation, shake off, disperse, outlet, master switch, unblock, supply, escapee, emission, delivery, bounce, contain, bang out, capitulate, unfetter, demise, information, exhalation, venting, incommode, emancipation, knob, slacken, liberty, sacque, abdication, relaxation, arc, detach, restrict, throw overboard, beat, tire, put down, independence, step down, merchandise, hammock, give away, dethaw, steam open, quietus, bring on, difference, disembarrass, pass, approve, dial, epistle, quitclaim, disclaimer, carbon sink, relinquish, passage, ease, expelling, anesthetise, scope, electric receptacle, jettison, termination, anesthetize, pouch, enfranchise, give out, outpouring, disclaim, terminate, let loose, kindling, dismiss, clear, reprieve, tumble, spillway, carbon-neutral, write, advert, wares, put under, thaw, manifest.

condemn, obligate, inculpate, bind, ache, impeach, suffering, smart, detain, torment, oblige, charge, convict, immobilize, stitch, compel, agony, block, discomfort, pang, unrest, immobilise, misery, accuse, tingle, hold, torture, pain, throe, anguish, confine, take hold, twinge, sting, freeze.

Examples of usage:

1) It served, however, to release her from the spell of horror which had gripped her. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) We believed that help was at hand, and that the moment of our release had arrived. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) I am convinced that if I could now explain to him how all this has happened, he would release me from my word. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.