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Spell check of rejected

Correct spelling: rejected

drained, blocked, shedded, declined, closeted, alienated, erupted, rusty, disavowed, cropped, relinquished, outlawed, blackballed, complained, evicted, clashed, clipped, scraped, vomited, discharged, terminated, refused, abandoned, snipped, desolate, jilted, dissented, abdicated, deserted, demurred, excreted, vented, disqualified, eradicated, cordoned, deleted, restrained, relegated, extinguished, exuded, spewed, resigned, controlled, ceased, bickered, discarded, lopped, annulled, unused, segregated, disclaimed, destroyed, blacklisted, divorced, curtailed, retired, discontinued, disallowed, screened, constrained, evacuated, vacated, defied, confined, renounced, obliterated, expelled, canceled, collided, refuted, abnegated, junked, chopped, disdained, expatriated, vetoed, revoked, restricted, belched, exiled, sheared, banished, secluded, oppugned, deported, detached, nullified, retracted, disused, withdrew, void, disgorged, separated, derelict, repulsed, invalidated, repelled, undone, disputed, snubbed, excommunicated, negated, removed, excluded, scrapped, excised, culled, isolated, secreted, extradited, insulated, argued, dissolved, vacant, banned, abolished, sniped, contended, repudiated, cloistered, prevented, precluded, challenged, rebuffed, obsolete, antagonized, forgotten, amputated, undid, inhibited, objected, forbade, disinclined, castaway, opposed, unloved, ignored, surrendered, disapproved, forsaken, curbed, conflicted, brushed off, cold-shouldered, deep-sixed, ousted, checked, ostracized, forbidden, seeped, neutralized, trashed, disagreed, exhausted, shed, cut, jettisoned, extirpated, differed, disaffirmed, suppressed, oppressed, disbarred, withdrawn, boycotted, barred, eliminated, denied, dismissed, prohibited, sequestered, spurned, proscribed, ejaculated, ejected, effaced, accepted, emitted.

salvaged, loved, reconditioned, redeemed, reclaimed, restored, retrieved, recovered, saved, rehabbed, rescued, rehabilitated.

Examples of usage:

1) The Leipzig Committee to whom it was addressed did indeed approve of it, and individual voices were raised in its favour elsewhere, but in Berlin the working men's clubs rejected it with decided warmth, and all over the country one working men's club after another declared against it. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) If I'd been white- faced and haggard every one would have thought it quite natural that I should scream if I were left in the dark or hate being left alone with those horrible black rocks that Cornwall's so full of, but just because I'm healthy and was taught to hold my back up at school I have to pretend to a bravery that simply doesn't exist- He rejected, for the moment the last part of her sentence. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) The work, however, has been rejected by Woltmann, on the strength of an old photograph not quite perfect. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.