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Spell check of reject

Correct spelling: reject

blacklist, lower, scrap, retract, refute, underachiever, oust, evict, closet, repudiate, detach, exclude, alienate, destroy, freeze off, disown, disgorge, contemn, inhibit, pariah, argue, resist, slump, restrict, second, blackball, extirpate, crop, relinquish, withstand, discard, banish, jilt, secrete, subordinate, boycott, disallow, vent, repulse, amputate, offscouring, dud, curb, excise, antagonize, renounce, refuse, abjure, dissent, check, go down, differ, nonstarter, trash, deep-six, disagree, disbar, seep, rejection, ignore, winnow out, wipe out, obviate, rule out, subaltern, dissolve, avert, retire, dispel, lour, recant, deport, disincline, lemon, prohibit, oppugn, bicker, turn down, discharge, abdicate, let go, block, dispute, efface, conflict, underdog, failure, has-been, recall, curtail, baulk, release, seclude, discontinue, object, undo, terminate, cull, close out, lop, disqualify, second fiddle, sequester, leave, eliminate, forswear, insulate, spew, rid, exude, complain, carry off, preclude, oppress, junk, isolate, exile, turn away, delete, exhaust, turkey, contend, drain, belch, get rid of, nix, emit, clash, drop, dispose, dismiss, jettison, proscribe, second banana, rebuff, also-ran, forbid, obliterate, ban, extradite, forsake, demur, shear, shed, nullify, abnegate, expel, ostracize, scorn, bend, constrain, remove, eradicate, veto, erupt, extinguish, cast off, castaway, bar, defy, underling, decline, disclaim, separate, restrain, jib, flop, hold out, accept, cloister, loser, part with, deny, do away with, divorce, deflect, waive, desert, excommunicate, correct, egest, rid of, forgo, chop, relegate, decimate, eject, rule in, revoke, wane, balk, pooh-pooh, screen, cease, stand firm, cordon, abolish, vomit, fend, confine, suppress, throw out, stand, disapprove, disaffirm, oppose, neutralize, castoff, abandon, clip, negate, surrender, segregate, outlaw, invalidate, vacate, prevent, snip, snub, capitulate, pass, inferior, cancel, cast out, evacuate, resign, annihilate, challenge, disdain, despise, control, expatriate, pass up, disacknowledge, worsen, repel, annul, collide, spurn, withdraw, disavow, cut, excrete, protest, leper.

okay, let in, hold, vindicate, intromit, acknowledge, claim, sanction, have, approve, take, avow, O.K., retain, proclaim, allow in, own, defend, assert, maintain, cherish, advocate, uphold, accept, insider, admit.

Examples of usage:

1) You know nothing, as yet, about life- you do not know what to use or what to reject. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) Reject the reality as manifested in Him who created, and then died for thee. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.

3) God sometimes makes use of instruments, whom he finds it necessary afterwards to reject. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.