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Spell check of red

Correct spelling: red

sultry, departure, bar billiards, Alizarin red, the labor movement, Bordeaux, bloody, ultrahot, flush, vermilion, pinko, flushed, scalding, blushing, carmine, buff, brick-red, fuchsia, expiration, personnel casualty, superheated, glowing, the ANC, fellow traveler, rosy, aflame, Congo red, inflamed, terra cotta, Venetian red, white-hot, communist, violent, the House Un-American Activities Committee, roasting, baby-blue, trigger-happy, crimson, rust, billiards, cerise, bubbly, Tyrian purple, Indian red, flaxen, carnation, maroon, chrome-red, pocket, bolshevik, Chardonnay, brick, solferino, pool, beige, bronze, exit, ruby, cherry, claret, burgundy, baize, reddish, florid, chromatic, garnet, ruby-red, poppy, piping hot, blackness, blushful, alabaster, broiling, bolshie, russet, fervid, red-faced, ablaze, bluish, rubor, scarlet, champagne, fair, magenta, amber, cushion, cognac, sweltering, blue, release, rose, rosy-cheeked, caldron, brunette, tearing, brown, bittersweet, redness, biscuit, avocado, old rose, coloured, fair-haired, ardent, apricot, commie, Chinese red, aqua, cue, black, blooming, brandy, rose-cheeked, fiery, fierce, infrared, the HUAC, vehement, sanguine, azure, inflammation, rubicund, boiling, Chablis, searing, in color, puce, Chianti, red-hot, dark, coral-red, auburn, amethyst, damask, cherry red, Turkey red, reddened, red ink, Comrade, passing, going, fervent, loss, bolshy, burning, ruddy, deprivation, torrid, blond, wild, red river, full-blooded, colorful, blood-red, cinnabar, nacarat, colored, pink, aquamarine, madder, frame, wine-colored, Marxist, cue ball, copper, scorching.

cold, subzero, icy, pallid, cadaverous, paled, mealy, waxy, frigid, lurid, achromatic, benumbed, frozen, shivering, pasty, ice-cold, peaked, blanched, arctic, whitened, sallowish, chill, ashen, bloodless, cool, livid, refrigerated, coolish, unheated, doughy, sallow, coldish, uncolored, algid, uncoloured, frosty, snappy, anemic, ashy, sick, nippy, wan, chilly, glacial, sickly, bone-chilling, chilled, snowy, freezing, iced, pale, palish, neutral, peaky, bitter, whey-faced, white, numb, wintry, waxen, cooled.

Examples of usage:

1) Now and again she could see Mrs. Maule's red lips- lips that told of admirable physical fitness- move as if in answer to something the other said. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) It was to be a red- letter night for her. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) He would have killed me- for I know what was in his heart as well as I knew what was in my own- and we were both seeing red. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.