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Spell check of rabat

Correct spelling: rabat

capital of morocco.

Examples of usage:

1) El Hassan was marching on Rabat, in Morocco; El Hassan had just signed a treaty with the Soviet Complex; El Hassan had been assassinated by a disgruntled follower. - "Border, Breed Nor Birth", Dallas McCord Reynolds.

2) Their fat lands and fine gardens were ruined; men, women, and children killed and taken prisoners; while six hundred of them were sent to the Tetuan prison, and a great number- I do not know exactly- went to Rabat. - "In the Tail of the Peacock", Isabel Savory.

3) I glanced at him again, thinking perhaps I had mistaken his vocation; but there was no mistaking his rabat. - "The Charm of Ireland", Burton Egbert Stevenson.