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Spell check of Raad

Correct spelling: Raad

Examples of usage:

1) A general discussion followed, but it was ultimately allowed that this matter did not come within the jurisdiction of that Raad. - "The Boer in Peace and War", Arthur M. Mann.

2) The republicans of Potchefstroom had taken the title of The South African Republic, but their Raad maintained authority only over a small district; Lydenburg, Zoutpansberg, Utrecht, formed themselves into independent republics. - "Boer Politics", Yves Guyot.

3) Long before the war broke out there was presented to President Kruger and his Raad a petition for redress of grievances signed, as already stated, by adult male Outlanders that are said to have outnumbered the total Boer male population at that time of the whole Transvaal. - "With the Guards' Brigade from Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back", Edward P. Lowry.