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Spell check of quiet

Correct spelling: quiet

repose, ataraxis, settle, quell, relaxation, suave, reticent, turn down, peaceable, level, hidden, abate, stillness, fluent, close-mouthed, libertarian, unagitated, moderation, repressed, easygoing, arcadian, noneffervescent, catlike, unflustered, close, ring, unemotional, stabilize, dumbness, clement, plain, composed, quietude, placidity, cloistered, slacken, muzzle, temperate, answer, sheltered, slack, cool, calmness, friendliness, order, stay, tender, neutrality, lull, tranquilize, chill out, uncommunicative, palliate, easy, soft, somnolent, pacification, basic, laconic, smother, refute, ebb, mark time, console, placate, relieve, clear, sedate, confound, gentle, open-minded, halcyon, dim, good-tempered, still, withdrawn, check, pacific, inert, concise, lown, secret, amiable, low, dreamy, calming, cool it, forbearing, idyllic, succinct, reserved, tight-lipped, talk down, quiet down, concord, modest, gag, accord, pause, stagnate, secrecy, inactive, satisfy, subdue, tiptoe, friendly, low-key, irritate, smooth, static, secretiveness, available, stagnant, resting, even-tempered, hush up, stifle, stop, ease, quiescence, appease, lax, slumbrous, idle, monotone, soundless, armistice, unflashy, quietly, sleep, alleviate, gentleness, pacify, guarded, permissive, quieten, patience, excite, bland, lenient, tranquillity, relax, genial, charitable, mild, becalm, bitter, unmoving, allay, confute, mum, becalmed, neutral, pipe down, insipid, retired, isolated, cease-fire, inaudible, nonaggression, restful, underemployed, slumber, shut up, placidness, non-aggressive, softened, conciliate, deep-seated, silent, noiselessness, deep, truce, fluid, cut short, softness, covert, tranquil, unexpressed, unruffled, tranquility, sound, compose, heartsease, undisturbed, whispery, kind, hush, alleviation, unostentatious, serenity, brief, benign, tranquillise, orderliness, cordial, conservative, vegetate, dampen, soothe, blind, serene, letup, subdued, muffled, preclude, sober, uneventful, dull, gratify, restrain, simmer down, reassure, benevolent, equanimity, repress, tranquillize, broad-minded, relaxing, remote, tasteful, nonresistance, placid, soundlessness, restfully, liquid, muted, settle down, terse, relaxed, floor, liberal, economical, sweet, reconcile, rest, dead, amity, peacefulness, peace, acutely, dormant, shush, assuage, vegetative, taciturn, fixed, unpretentious, block out, speechless, composure, mollify, meek, free, calm down, cozy, sleeping, depth, quietness, unuttered, ameliorate, cut out, deaden, moderate, toned-down, alleviated, poise, reposeful, dumb, stationary, choke off, burning, slowdown, low gear, light, quiescent, muffle, drown, break in, legato, understated, steady, politic, suppress, untroubled, unflurried, comfort, languid, mute, quieted, affective, motionless, tone down, hiatus, hushed, noiseless, stand, monosyllabic, tolerant, collected, sleepy, standing, orderly, inobtrusive, calm, even, soften, innocuous, fix, silence, wait, soothing, quiesce, defuse, small, restraint, slumberous, low-keyed, pastoral, composition, unobtrusive, muteness, temperateness, lulled, cool off, highlight, subside, unperturbed, insulate, inaudibility, leisure, stilly, peaceful, off-duty, equable, restrained, immobile, softly, casual, peace of mind.

dinning, vulgar, stormy, clamorous, deafening, riotous, clattery, exposed, fan, flaring, trashy, clamant, piercing, excite, roistering, rough, clangorous, inelegant, swank, grating, blaring, loud, clanging, intemperate, overwrought, plangent, turn on, blatant, charge, overdone, vociferous, louden, stir, obvious, unquietly, brazen, kindle, blasting, buzzing, swishy, earsplitting, wheezy, graceless, garish, rip-roaring, overdecorated, angry, ornate, baroque, arouse, abuzz, squealing, active, charge up, thundering, clear, discordant, reedy, squalling, tasteless, squally, razzle-dazzle, boisterous, stertorous, agitate, wild, crazy, agitated, tacky, harsh, resounding, stir up, obstreperous, crashing, sonorous, raucous, rococo, extreme, creaky, shrill, unsettled, turbulent, strident, unquiet, frilly, woolly, romping, provoke, screaky, blustery, clanking, rouse, troubled, clarion, glitzy, flashy, commove, tumultuous, ostentatious, gaudy, flamboyant, tempestuous, gilded, booming, tawdry, windy, thunderous, foul, clattering, overloud, pretentious, fancy, noisy, nasty, roaring, rowdy, inclement, sound, disruptive, visible, whirring, stentorian, severe, meretricious, ringing, uproarious, restless, rackety, splashy.

Examples of usage:

1) That will quiet him. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) On the quiet, y' know. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) The bear, however, was quiet. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.