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Spell check of quacked

Correct spelling: quacked

barked, trilled, bawled, honked, squawked, snarled, yelped, chattered, bellowed, warbled, purred, crowed, growled, hooted, clucked, snorted, cried, mewed, squealed, meowed, mooed, grunted, brayed, cawed, cooed, chirped, howled, bayed, ululated, cackled, roared, whinnied, called, neighed, gobbled, bleated, cuckooed.

Examples of usage:

1) There was the duck, who quacked at her ducklings, and the swan, who glided over the water with bent neck and rustling wings, stately and elegant. - "The Pond", Carl Ewald.

2) He quacked and struggled. - "Foul Play", Charles Reade Dion Boucicault.

3) The pond was like glass and the black duck flock which had quacked noisily there at daybreak and drawn white lines of ripples across its black surface had gone south. - "Old Plymouth Trails", Winthrop Packard.