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Spell check of prominent

Correct spelling: prominent

handsome, knowledge, famous, esteemed, popular, kenspeckle, noteworthy, well-known, bounteous, swelled, commanding, liberal, giving, brilliant, notorious, expectant, vainglorious, pointed, grownup, braggy, undischarged, splashy, bragging, catchy, elevated, crowing, outstanding, grave, rough, heavyweight, depressed, consequential, self-aggrandizing, momentous, fabled, bighearted, redoubtable, striking, boastful, bombastic, great, freehanded, obvious, bountiful, noisy, flamboyant, tumid, celebrated, orotund, full-grown, acclaimed, braggart, respect, noticeable, salient, notable, bold, preeminent, arresting, earthshaking, rugged, owing, memorable, showy, critical, exalted, influential, declamatory, grown, world-shaking, renowned, bossy, obtrusive, considerable, serious, hollow, fully grown, spectacular, projecting, with child, heavy, remarkable, distinguished, illustrious, bodacious, big-name, visible, turgid, high-powered, adult, gravid, noted, convex, raised, pivotal, important, famed, signal, magnanimous, crucial, cock-a-hoop, legendary, hilly, prestigious, bad, star, see, leading, eminent, openhanded, large, pronounced, mythical, dramatic, big, extended, conspicuous, enceinte, eye-catching, reputed, relieved, marked, self-aggrandising, observable, grabby, emphatic.

modest, unaffected, understated, conservative, anonymous, dim, unexceptional, unfamous, unimportant, quiet, nameless, subdued, muted, plain, faint, uncelebrated, unnoticeable, unpopular, subtle, hidden, unflashy, inconspicuous, unpretentious, simple, shrouded, unsung, concealed, unemphatic, undistinguished, invisible, unassuming, unremarkable, toned-down, unobtrusive, obscure, insignificant, restrained, unknown.

Examples of usage:

1) I never heard of any " prominent citizen" who kept a double establishment in Deep Harbor. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Her eyes were black and deep set, her cheek bones very prominent, her nose thin and sharp; her black dress caught in a little at the waist, fell otherwise in straight folds to her feet. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) A little inquiry and diplomacy on your part will bring forth the fact that these men were once prominent figures on 'Change. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.