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Spell check of poke

Correct spelling: poke

stick, garget, lumber, hollow, rap, spike, strike, pound off, trespass, poking, lap, dart, name, drone pipe, drone, firing, grind, whop, sarcasm, toil, prise, preview, trail, nuzzle, slow, impound, cram, egg on, jostle, induce, dawdle, smash, brickbat, labor, lance, douse, thud, gouge, drive, trudge, horn in, magnetize, slug, thrust, sacque, hasten, bury, thwack, swat, wham, clout, compass, whack, thrust aside, ram, penetrate, nudge, dig up, nose, protuberant, pick, procrastinate, investigate, slide, sluggard, stick out, needle, sock, whisk, prize, clout nail, hurtle, pop, bed, delve, fillip, momentum, salt lick, excavate, barb, skewer, drudge, plod, Phytolacca americana, sacking, bullet, move, slam, apprehend, larrup, impel, prod, dismissal, hinder, welt, impulse, travail, hack, slight, smack, stick up, bore, zip, jar, house trailer, pilotless aircraft, linger, obtrude, provoke, heave, outrage, shoulder, prevue, spank, stinger, knife thrust, bag, strain, convex, dab, protrude, bat, project, scent, chop, entomb, pocket, inspire, epithet, haymaker, bop, fire, overhang, puncher, stab, offense, push, hammock, lag, grope, foment, prominent, plump, bottle, fumble, jabbing, thrusting, ram down, clip, sack, perforate, creep, prodding, spear, clap, knock, pigeon berry, moil, carrier bag, dally, pierce, droning, stimulate, scoke, dawdler, dilly-dally, jolt, bash, entice, sackful, crate, energize, pry, box, hook, chemise, throw, cut, force, whip, drag, crawl, paper bag, lick, labour, shot, goad, drill, encourage, seek, bang, trailer, flick, savvy, urge, shift, hurl, dig out, wallop, sling, cuff, point, gird, jimmy, propel, shoot, radio-controlled aircraft, affront, sac, comprehend, catapult, put-down, knife, grabble, dis, jut, beat, prompt, personality, punch, bust, embed, belt, trigger, buffet, skim, fast, fling, launch, pull, driving force, bourdon, lagger, tarry, lunge, pitch, pound up, snoop, grasp, puncture, laggard, incite, motivation, center, release, slur, instigate, participate, pouch, lever, bulge, intrude, stripe, dismission, jab, swipe, irrupt, loiter, switch, bump, dig, feel, touch, indignity, pelt, slap, lash, blow, turn over, jog, motivate, zap, bulging, pound, ferment, shove, lob, grok, hit, delay, wind, liberation, poke at, biff, discharge, get the picture, thump, monotone, cut into.

adulation, compliment, applause, accolade, praise, flattery, acclaim, commendation.

Examples of usage:

1) So what does she do but poke his eyes out. - "Command", William McFee.

2) I am determined to have you for reasons of my own, and I shall poke up my father to do no end of mischief if you don't appear. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) " I want something to poke me up," she said to herself. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.