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Spell check of pliers

Correct spelling: pliers

machete, bow saw, squares, gouges, applicator, bellows, back saws, pipe wrench, crosscut saw, tire iron, cold chisels, sickle, lathe, punch, ripsaw, augers, jointers, mallets, chain saw, grapnel, mallet, drill, plyers, pair of pliers, jackknife, awls, lug wrenches, edger, radial arm saws, screwdrivers, planer, wrecking bars, emery wheels, adjustable wrench, hatchet, handsaws, pickax, shears, posthole augers, staplers, scissors, blowlamp, saws, monkey wrenches, spanners, saw, spade, lathes, vises, ball-peen hammers, forceps, radial arm saw, punches, wedges, hatchets, wrench, calipers, stapler, screwdriver, levels, blowtorch, spoke shaves, drill presses, coping saw, bow saws, miter boxes, edgers, spoke shave, grindstone, wrecking bar, axe, files, band saw, band saws, planes, circular saw, crosscut saws, arc welder, jigsaws, keyhole saw, tin snips, bradawl, sledgehammers, snips, grapnels, tools, tweezers, miter box, jackknives, handsaw, planers, jigsaw, keyhole saws, shovels, monkey wrench, arc welders, hedge trimmers, drills, welder, hacksaws, pipe wrenches, chisels, spades, auger, trowel, welders, knives, vise, table saws, hoes, awl, bit, hedge trimmer, cold chisel, claw hammer, pickaxes, Allen wrench, plane, knife, hammers, emery wheel, jointer, back saw, box end wrench, lug wrench, circular saws, square, pincers, hammer, sickles, machetes, scroll saws, grindstones, shovel, bench drills, ripsaws, crowbars, hacksaw, wrenches, gouge, drill press, chisel, file, ball-peen hammer, bench drill, table saw, buzz saw, pick, scythes, posthole auger, coping saws, crowbar, chain saws, axes, scroll saw, picks, buzz saws, spanner, wedge, sledgehammer, trowels, tool, claw hammers, tire irons, scythe, level.

Examples of usage:

1) To skin him, I cut around back of his front side fins and take hold of the skin with my pliers- just slit the hide a little down the sides, and it comes off. - "The Young Alaskans on the Missouri", Emerson Hough.

2) He took from his bag a long pair of hollow pliers which he inserted in the lock and then screwed tightly, clutching the end of the key. - "The Hunt Ball Mystery", Magnay, William.

3) All we're going to take is just what I said- some of the eats, and the flashlight and the field glass and the bottle and the rubber gloves and the pliers and- that's all. - "Tom Slade with the Boys Over There", Percy K. Fitzhugh.