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Spell check of planer

Correct spelling: planer

spade, drill, saw, lug wrench, crowbar, screwdriver, auger, punch, fretsaw, knife, hammer, trowel, radial arm saw, pickax, scroll saw, chain saw, welder, jointer, emery wheel, hacksaw, gouge, stapler, scissors, Planing Machine, level, grindstone, woodworking plane, edger, awl, keyhole saw, machete, chisel, airplane, claw hammer, jackknife, pick, drill press, ripsaw, sheet, tire iron, back saw, circular saw, jigsaw, arc welder, scythe, aeroplane, plane, sledgehammer, snips, grapnel, pipe wrench, wedge, spanner, wrench, wrecking bar, ball-peen hammer, bow saw, pliers, monkey wrench, buzz saw, adz, lathe, sickle, vise, miter box, table saw, posthole auger, cold chisel, coping saw, tool, spoke shave, axe, ax, tin snips, band saw, shovel, shears, bench drill, file, carpenter's plane, crosscut saw, calipers, hedge trimmer, handsaw, hatchet, mallet, square.

Examples of usage:

1) Trencher- bread must be 4 days old; the Salt- Planer of ivory; table cloths kept in a chest, or hung on a perch. - "Early English Meals and Manners", Various.

2) All of these experiments were made to enable us to answer correctly the two questions which face every machinist each time that he does a piece of work in a metal- cutting machine, such as a lathe, planer, drill press, or milling machine. - "The Principles of Scientific Management", Frederick Winslow Taylor.