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Spell check of pink

Correct spelling: pink

cerise, copper, knock, brown, flushed, blue, bluish, black-eyed Susan, chromatic, begonia, pick apart, red, azure, blushing, exploit, alabaster, aster, bird of paradise, the HUAC, cinnabar, knap, magenta, beg, carmine, reddish, tip, ruddy, ruby, pinko, solicit, biscuit, scarlet, criticise, vermilion, bronze, the labor movement, aqua, criticize, damask, amethyst, cherry, tapdance, alfalfa, puce, rap, baby-blue, black, bug, amber, avocado, apricot, ping, crimson, bump, strike hard, garden pink, aquamarine, brick, the ANC, anemone, baby's breath, maroon, communist, wine-colored, Comrade, amaryllis, carnation, beige, commie, blackness, fellow traveler, poppy, the House Un-American Activities Committee, madder, bluebell, tap, pinkish, Bolshevik, bougainvillea, buff, intercept, wiretap.

achromatic, neutral.

Examples of usage:

1) A hush fell over the crowd as they watched the figure in pink. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) And you say there won't be any more Pink Ghost? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) I see Martha's pink dress, and there's Betty in green over there. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.