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Spell check of piece

Correct spelling: piece

ready, discussion, harmonization, revolver, dapple, announcement, hairsbreadth, bandage, bill, weaponry, sample, opera, tack together, division, gentleman's gentleman, domino, shell, magic spell, allowance, bow and arrow, tally, slash, reveal, tack, billow, plot, number, total, assignment, component part, paragraph, spear, ammunition, plot of ground, subdivision, checker, frame, apportion, compartment, radius, way, patch up, medium, gash, order, automatic, story, member, halve, blunderbuss, pick, object, creation, centerfold, stipend, human being, sector, commentary, apportionment, muzzle, ration, pageant, effect, denominator, allotment, humanity, component, segment, contribution, flip-flop, taster, makeup, human beings, sum, torpedo, quantity, fibre, instal, song, act, hunk, valet, bilbo, region, chunk, routine, alternate, humankind, allow, depth, meet, foot, hint, thesis, paper, dole, world, club, chess, melodrama, thing, scimitar, persona, squib, theatrical role, constitution, part, serviceman, split, blowpipe, lance, military man, mortar, enchantment, cash, foam, classified ad, dissertation, measure, coin, Colt, descant, scrap, art object, whole, fragment, make, entrap, switch, beak, feature, carry, role, rocket, crumb, bazooka, block, knife, install, tack on, rear, dispensation, bayonet, spot, howitzer, stretch, bullet, checkerboard, turn, section, end, review, shotgun, speckle, broadsword, entity, factor, chef d'oeuvre, plunk, mo, slice, penning, composing, ordnance, remnant, substructure, mend, peashooter, blame, append, play, musket, mouthful, rapier, air gun, artwork, fleck, cartoon, flamethrower, foregather, arm, artillery, stiletto, numerator, do, essay, Sidewinder, flip, temporary hookup, pistol, while, armament, authorship, drama, lump, arrow, subdivide, helping, second, ingredient, homily, aria, monologue, gun, mankind, BB gun, mace, heat, bomber, cannon, fine art, memoir, constituent, report, weapon, heater, drop, a little, interest, allocation, objet d'art, quarter, words, advice column, stuff, Browning, darn, boomerang, clean, baste, claymore, patch, air rifle, nibble, find fault, musical composition, 0.45, budget, theme, tag on, art, arrangement, set, study, interchange, sword, a bit, pluck, character, range, human race, element, lot, handgun, rig, matter, gentleman, gather, cheesecake, cull, Remington, gear up, backgammon, eyepatch, stock, counter, unit, dismember, assemble, typography, checkers, knot, ensnare, bit, tell, distance, item, Chinese checkers, compartmentalize, detail, filament, effectuate, trigger, battery, exposition, quantum, peck, chip, machete, tour, step, particle, third, background, partition, shooter, treatise, luger, establish, half, moment, bagatelle, found, Winchester, stake, voice, office, set up, take, cut, coinage, humans, forgather, writing, parting, charm, break up, fade, board game, machine gun, fix, atom, novel, carbine, big, trance, zone, valet de chambre, criticism, climb, parcel, dividend, canon, put, human, piece of music, arrange, cutlass, copper, opus, flake, bread, saber, missile, cloud, firearm, function, blowgun, put together, maculation, portion, banner headline, prepare, percentage, erect, amount, production, man, minute, bite, launch, talk, sketch, get together, article, ballet, rifle, poem, make-up, go, discourse, share, wear round, slicing, hang on, repeater, froth, treatment, organism, proportion, commission, banknote, military personnel, divide, space, fog, fraction, hank, dagger, change, pitch, put up, morsel, ax, put in, instalment, composition, raise, reach, small-arm, derringer, participate, lay out, length, javelin, work, adult male, fiber, quota, allot, assemblage, byline, trace, bucks, suite, spell, material, back catalog.

disassemble, take apart, pool, sum, compound, aggregate, dismantle, total, break up, whole, totality, break apart, composite.

Examples of usage:

1) Let it be as you say and let M'Rua eat a small piece of Kali and Kali a small piece of M'Rua. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) And when you 've done that, ' said she, 'I have another piece of counsel to give; but first say will you take it? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) Now I'll give you a piece of advice, old man. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.