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Spell check of pause

Correct spelling: pause

give away, shilly-shally, interim, break, fix, irresolution, check, get around, interval, indecision, cease, rupture, ending, postponement, bide, abandonment, sleep, gaolbreak, kick downstairs, cessation, delay, breaking, fast forward, suspension system, relegate, gap, interlude, stoppage, deadlock, discontinue, give up, wavering, fall in, interregnum, damp, come apart, shrink, faulting, separate, snag, expose, offend, rift, erupt, discontinuance, linger, hesitate, burst, respite, vacillation, console, falter, culminate, give out, break of serve, prisonbreak, continue, good luck, intermit, wobbling, leave off, bankrupt, abandon, snap off, go against, termination, freeze, disruption, panel, stop, end, give way, relieve, stagnate, terminate, andante, halt, break off, fault, becalm, demote, quiet, breakage, transgress, ruin, bump, relief, settle, balk, hesitancy, rest, let out, standstill, wait, stagger, die, divulge, time out, allegro, subside, arr., wear, waffle, lever, bass clef, quit, persistence, vacillate, soften, stand, prolongation, dampen, shift, deactivate, master switch, disengage, con brio, stay, fall apart, let on, give over, fracture, abide, break in, unwrap, flip off, reprieve, flash, disable, ceaselessness, abatement, suspension, remit, stopover, breach, desist, break away, get out, break up, founder, bust, give, close, fence-sitting, interrupt, happy chance, hiatus, collapse, continuation, split up, breath, hold, immobilize, mark time, finish, abstain, smash, conk out, better, con amore, flick, shilly-shallying, intermission, control, cut, release, vegetate, breather, disclose, dither, closure, faltering, adagio, cave in, settle down, split, waver, truce, go bad, confuse, reveal, prison-breaking, conclude, drop, bar, recrudesce, discover, severance, recoil, knob, breakout, slumber, dial, postpone, recess, open frame, temporary removal, lull, break down, hesitance, bring out, clef, lapse, bar line, steadiness, falling out, develop, hanging, cannibalize, wear out, break dance, weaken, abeyance, geological fault, dangling, infract, cooling-off period, decide, calm, jailbreak, part, break out, refrain, wobble, fail, tarry, interruption, still, hitch, tranquilize, go, violate, suspend.

decisiveness, alacrity, resolution, determination, sureness, eagerness, persistence, set about, continuation, prolongation, progression, endurance, originate, inaugurate, initiate, certainty, begin, start, commence, resoluteness, institute, readiness, enter upon, extension, progress, firmness, certitude, confidence.

Examples of usage:

1) But I'm not so sure he's as 'cute as you think him, added Maurice, after a pause. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) 'You spoke of going down to the West, ' said he, after a brief pause. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) There came a long, long pause. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.