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Spell check of part

Correct spelling: part

side, element, casting, descant, pare, comb, discover, spot, allowance, resolve, vocalisation, post, spark, abandon, get around, fictional character, get out, allocation, ingredient, decease, slice, braid, intermit, disassemble, character reference, type, break away, unwrap, line, estrange, breadbasket, factoring, bifurcate, blow up, matter, decompose, participate, apportionment, backstory, tear, heroine, severalise, procedure, surgical incision, composition, farewell, air division, occasion, dole, array, contrivance, wear out, single out, hero, comb out, dissect, amputation, grammatical constituent, frame, subdivision, fall, piece, interrupt, divorce, allotment, break, material, capacity, kick downstairs, use, stand aside, excise, spell, dowery, disarticulate, quantum, cancel, partition, arpeggio, go away, piece of music, sort, stop, discriminate, disconnect, stake, incompletely, disassociate, fractional, bisection, lift off, commence, site, crescendo, leave-taking, erupt, detonate, scene, affair, authority, curtailment, separate, conk out, burst, scissor, dispel, situation, fall in, electron, develop, classify, separation, helping, partial, demote, give away, region, drop, luck, divulge, unfix, break out, fragmentize, segmentation, social function, trip, neighborhood, pct, percent, mathematical function, vary, denominator, business office, back, fracture, fissure, agency, divvy, bring out, percentage, scantiness, department, partially, representative, cut off, subprogram, start, member, bulge out, sectional, bearing, position, integrant, bust, omission, disengagement, reference, denouement, ration, parcel, dissever, take time off, offset, whole, filament, phonation, adjourn, expose, segment, lay out, setting, flee, fraction, dividend, dismantle, need, cornrow, ruin, insulate, explode, quit, pick, collect, ball bearing, deficit, counterpoint, disjoint, quota, embark, entrails, check, recess, fail, measure, take off, shortcoming, startle, vocalization, rip, chunk, naval division, exposit, total, touch off, interference, act, factor, take apart, cadence, innards, substructure, embark on, crack up, bulge, block, character, organic, art object, grapheme, break in, article, incision, spokesperson, fork, differentiate, disunite, apparatus, place, bit, bisect, role, flourish, chorus, pass away, constituent, nut, originate, calve, digress, bad guy, let on, break off, sectionalisation, transgress, brace, split, vox, mapping, portion, government agency, take up, subtract, decamp, lever, particle, component part, actuate, expound, zone, musical composition, case, sectionalization, dump, remove, unglue, camshaft, splinter, venue, disjoin, prompt, ramify, theatrical role, parting, rupture, infract, cut, intrusion, give out, set about, violate, donation, crash, depart, protrude, lump, dowry, interest, discontinue, do, sever, sunder, budget, back away, incompleteness, fragmentation, stage direction, feature, cleavage, amount, compartment, fibre, break dance, installment, share, segmental, sidetrack, amputate, detachment, sector, disclose, come out, area, excerpt, disconnection, distinguish, purpose, segregation, fragmentary, backlog, entry, sliver, molding, chip, founder, molecule, better, pull away, realm, rent, section, furcate, go, alienation, fragment, secern, stock, commission, segmentary, detail, button, bit part, die, rasher, cavity, contribution, pass on, detach, partway, break apart, pass, soften, finish with, trigger off, set forth, straggle, vocalism, dissociate, get down, discontinuity, function, stir up, item, split up, the borderland, persona, cameo, wheel, deduct, relegate, deviate, cease, dispensation, tell, exeunt, alienate, succumb, cam, ancillary, shortage, third, jump, rod, cue, class, perish, take leave, location, district, plane section, come on, dower, articulation, numerator, voice, diverge, county, plowshare, routine, organ, personally, comic relief, hiatus, bucket, canal, break down, deficiency, power, alias, get, secernate, scrap, clutch, blow-dry, bug out, perspective, balance, atom, half, draw back, chamber, subroutine, spring, disintegrate, ploughshare, aside, eccentric, involvement, machine, crimp, federal agency, engagement, unit, rive, uncouple, assignment, partitioning, country, recrudesce, leave, shaft, arithmetic, proportion, range, patch, start up, slab, halfway, backtrack, damp, whereabouts, cave in, pulley, sort out, fate, divide, berth, disassociation, pull up stakes, come apart, interpreter, exit, center, pop, crock up, intervention, snap off, fictitious character, lack, breach, defriend, bureau, goodie, halve, passage, accumulation, locale, cleave, set out, segregate, disassembly, content, bump, fiber, belt, carriage, shard, trigger, gap, instigate, small-arm, breakbeat, retreat, man, break-up, dissolve, serving, dampen, disengage, batch, coda, tell apart, insufficiency, shrink, chain, variance, weaken, base, featured, rend, smash, end, disintegration, disperse, quality, bankrupt, break open, good guy, axe, spark off, go against, Co., fragmentise, component, dissociation, office staff, dissection, lineament, condition, scatter, ad-lib, get going, baddy, destiny, severalize, fortune, disaffiliate, participation, collapse, corridor, per centum, replacement, division, backcomb, elemental, social occasion, begin, carve up, expire, opus, fall out, graphic symbol, shortfall, give way, offend, incise, exclusion, wear, accompaniment, withdraw, lead off, partly, dissipate, initiate, guts, objet d'art, start out, map, disrupt, fall apart, airspace, fitting, office, stipend, let out, pause, reveal, get off the ground, circumstances, credit, incite, building block, band, branch, lot, semi, billet, while, slit, unhinge, extra, quarter, go bad, assort, gear, disarticulation, disunity, medium, action, firearm, bolt, pop out, set-off, image, barbershop, activate, give.

entirely, perfectly, absolutely, downright, utterly, fully, highly, hugely, wholly, especially, completely, dead, exceedingly, particularly, quite, whole, totally, greatly, very, exceptionally, all, plain, altogether, extremely.

Examples of usage:

1) The first part of the defence is closed in ver. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) Both men were glad when the time came for them to part. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) That is the first part of my story. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.