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Spell check of pachyderms

Correct spelling: pachyderms

Examples of usage:

1) We remained in this position for more than an hour, when suddenly the reeds were pushed, aside, and two of the looked- for pachyderms came out together on the green- sward. - "Adventures of a Young Naturalist", Lucien Biart.

2) Teutons are not necessarily pachyderms, and Arlt was sensitive to a rare degree. - "The Dominant Strain", Anna Chapin Ray.

3) Tom was taking picture after picture of them, when suddenly as the airship came lower, in response to a signal to Ned from the young inventor, one of the huge pachyderms looked up, and saw the strange sight. - "Tom Swift and his Wizard Camera or, Thrilling Adventures while taking Moving Pictures", Victor Appleton.