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Spell check of pachyderm

Correct spelling: pachyderm

animal, biped, big game, bear, amphibian, arthropod, arachnid, adult, beast of burden, beast.

Examples of usage:

1) Now as the man could run fast and from time to time another took his place and the elephant had to use a lot of effort in turning corners, it soon became evident that the big pachyderm was tiring of the exercise. - "The Boy Aviators in Africa", Captain Wilbur Lawton.

2) All of them had heard that an ordinary leaden bullet will not penetrate the tough thick skin of the great " pachyderm." - "Popular Adventure Tales", Mayne Reid.

3) " Kind of Silurian an' solemn, ain't it," he murmured, " the moon shinin' onto the rump of that primeval pachyderm. - "The Maids of Paradise", Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers.