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Spell check of order

Correct spelling: order

show, rubric, step, mark, law, roam, systematization, class, lead, enunciate, determine, dress, pitch, nine, heap, establish, concord, family, mediate, crop, disinfect, all-you-can-eat, trim, brotherhood, pattern, board, decree, genre, clan, suppose, direct, direction, design, concatenate, division, ritual, knighthood, like, rules of order, grade, commit, balance, assort, vow, grouping, nonresistance, nightclub, MBE, social club, bless, read, pasture, rest, coiffure, orchestrate, wash, train, run, localise, group, words, categorize, tack together, administer, high society, calm, collection, influence, layer, subspecies, set out, bidding, orderliness, gild, status, booth, distribution, contract, hunting lodge, control, society, discipline, post, purge, series, stock, repose, argyle, annul, harness, confusion, caste, entrap, celebrate, invite, cabaret, filter, bracket, folk, commission, score, nonaggression, organize, site, dominate, quietness, assortment, placidness, distinguish, organization, methodicalness, level, schematize, consistency, order of magnitude, confederation, rear, harmonize, systematize, support group, devote, sanitize, suite, integrity, assure, rewrite, point, swan, scrub, adherence, pose, raise, localize, nature, codicil, sodality, maintain, sect, regularise, Baha'i, tack, solicitation, summons, bill, ordering, mold, bus, link, repair, stratify, adaptation, pilot, rove, prescribe, people, criminal record, animism, organized, tier, ready, requisition, succeed, kidney, word, bon ton, dub, BYO, recite, cult, race, subordinate, primacy, well-kept, ramble, harmony, reserve, application, fiat, found, cleric, company, position, consecrate, stamp, browse, arabesque, put together, plan, pigeonhole, install, uniformity, beau monde, baptise, sight, ordination, require, covenant, federation, hostel, legalism, request, streak, instruct, entreaty, climate, neutrality, plea, parliamentary procedure, baffle, shipment, archbishop, ask for, index, symmetry, catechism, straddle, graze, fellowship, imperative, identify, normality, couch, ordain, quantity, rescript, type, enact, send, range, clubhouse, canon, association, brown-bag, target, ball club, stage, tell apart, scale, purchase, secernate, degree, sort, sorority, peacefulness, magnitude, citation, coordinate, arrange, phylum, regularize, precede, tidy, command, brother, assign, integrate, make, bulk, denomination, right, sound out, accord, affidavit, call down, conditions, precession, chart, charge, congregation, kilter, uncluttered, injunction, baseball club, succession, set up, buying, instruction, formation, dedicate, orderly, structure, quiescence, holy order, parliamentary law, narrate, rule, earliness, brand, insist on something, keeping, tax with, custom, disposition, vagabond, manage, launder, category, chronology, erect, secern, behest, establishment, put up, clean, system, screen, ordinate, separate, anthem, course, fix, marshal, manicured, serenity, lineup, description, friendliness, severalise, abbot, just so, bridle, place, amen, context, tranquility, stratum, consortium, observation, purchase order, coreligionist, sweep, breed, health, quiet, routine, for, normalize, compose, trimming, knight, hallow, drift, bar, baptize, sift, procession, standardizing, layout, rite, ascetic, auberge, bill of fare, devise, boss around, unsnarl, brethren, police, strain, aver, cellar, label, management, archbishopric, prepare, persuasion, fitness, support, set, cast, instal, acquittal, taxonomy, kingdom, align, abbess, recount, stability, mandate, club, differentiate, armistice, state of affairs, chamber, aim, articulation, effect, condition, better, parade, revisal, rationalize, efficiency, award, queue, antecedence, institution, directive, redact, string, background, bishop, priority, medallion, format, amount, conveyance, obedience, hierarchy, gentry, style, execute, stripe, round, nightspot, peace, tradition, tell, coif, rank, college, progress, categorization, brief, sterilize, army, launch, effectuate, fettle, state, claim, Dame, complaisance, cooperation, outrank, ranging, nick, species, assemble, anticipation, truce, edict, normalcy, classification, grain, do, line of battle, collate, computation, engagement, ordered, golf-club, lay, oversee, genotype, archdeacon, union, bishopric, neat, line, designate, unify, sanctify, revise, classify, articulate, event, stabilize, disposal, program, generic, methodize, coloration, lay out, arrangement, appeal, the Archbishop of Canterbury, gear up, modulate, congress, govern, inn, deployment, ensnare, column, ilk, thread, genus, cardinal, lot, revision, league, regulate, booking, kind, steer, shape, setup, put in, ordinance, locate, compliance, over, rig, push around, wipe, institute, pronounce, neaten, roll, cosmos, variety, clear, article, cease-fire, evidence, plead, pile, flash mob, indian lodge, say, the Book of Common Prayer, commandment, fix up, disarray, rate, demand, companionship, follow, beg, guild, coiffe, fraternity, circumstance, frame, consecution, stray, order around, method, come out, reservation, systemization, sequence, allege, placement, preside, dictate, enounce, superintend, designation, lodge, give-and-take, form, value, schedule, plot, amity, call for, council, manner, enjoin, cleanse, precedence, procedure, wander, check, come in, shipshape, situation, feather, regularity, acquit, exhibition, severalize, array, baptism, cross section, clause, steadiness, put, estate, observance, hostelry, invest, monastic order, settle, purify, piece, station, environment, give, regulation, configuration, bond, smart set, progression, panel, benediction, supervise, scheme, chain, adjust.

disconnection, upset, disruption, entreaty, disorderliness, proposal, disorder, appeal, recommendation, deregulate, disorganization, confusion, plea, urging, disrepair, suggestion, disjointedness, disarray, petition.

Examples of usage:

1) And if they order you to go on foot beside the horses and camels, she will fall the first day. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) You must remain with the Wahimas in order to make good people of them. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) Did you order them to be killed? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.