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Spell check of old

Correct spelling: old

antediluvian, age-old, grizzled, mended, senile, honest-to-god, genuine, dear, ability, ponderous, useless, bygone, hand-me-down, pedestrian, outdated, oldish, whilom, worn, ago, out, matured, ripe, pass, tired, tiresome, unoriginal, antiquated, darkened, deficient, numbing, colorless, olden, great, stuffy, sure-enough, secondhand, ancestor, yellowed, disyllabic, grey-headed, continue, wearisome, experienced, modern, broken-down, babe, extinct, new, venerable, antique, overaged, humdrum, stale, mate, aged, unyoung, emeritus, centenarian, futile, under, idiomatic, dry, weather-beaten, honey, rusty, unwritten, tame, aging, gray-haired, gray-headed, continuing, sometime, inactive, flat, hoar, recent, retired, age gap, pardner, bud, sugar, anemic, mature, young, bro, superannuated, paleolithic, middle-aged, veteran, pointless, good, old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness, practiced, long-standing, dateless, primordial, grey, old-time, ancient, overage, long-lived, beloved, drudging, open, moth-eaten, one-time, late, thin, prehistoric, uninteresting, traditional, of age, other, oldster, precede, transparent, once, pensioner, decayed, excellent, leaden, purposeless, onetime, used, preceding, pristine, doddery, geriatric, rare, inefficient, perennial, perdurable, contemporary, mind-numbing, classical, tiring, peer, previous, exhausted, early, agglutinative, superb, ageing, auld, overt, baby, ancestral, infirm, vintage, gray, white-haired, impaired, faded, tedious, cold, wearying, primitive, yellow, heavy, sexagenarian, Methuselah, shabby, known, outmoded, quondam, tattered, arid, nonagenarian, familiar, permanent, dusty, jading, defective, hand-down, seasoned, public, out of date, durable, lasting, remote, worn-out, erstwhile, age bracket, primeval, enduring, the aged, monochromatic, old folk, dead, longtime, figuratively, archaic, octogenarian, ho-hum, torn, elder, elderly, echt, over-the-hill, fusty, dowdy, shattered, senior, weary, ragged, persistent, fresh, abiding, jejune, disused, sunset, forgotten, dreary, obsolete, grey-haired, sr., historical, gaga, timeworn, dated, age, antiquity, ineffective, slow, older, timeless, stodgy, long-lasting, dilapidated, former, faulty, senescent, advanced, grown, adult, at, worthless, hoary, versed, yore, long-ago, patched, cognate, sister, unclassified, past, distant, yesterday's, anteceding, obsolescent, medieval, time-honored, anile, decaying, pathetic, drab, immemorial, creole, dull, doddering, monotonous, figurative, magnificent.

mesmerizing, astonishing, exhilarating, minor, adolescent, parvenue, infantile, mod, novel, childlike, vernal, entertaining, enlivening, surprising, unworn, entrancing, recent, untried, invigorating, ageless, galvanizing, puppylike, enchanting, modern, engaging, fresh, schoolboyish, rip-roaring, riveting, juvenile, beguiling, wondrous, eye-opening, present, newborn, tantalizing, fascinating, spic-and-span, late, attracting, junior, revolutionary, diverting, latest, touching, hair-raising, small, sunrise, moving, childish, hot, marvelous, new-sprung, little, provocative, rising, raw, immature, amusing, refreshing, youthful, puppyish, captivating, schoolgirlish, animating, astounding, charming, amazing, tender, exciting, coming, awesome, ultramodern, poignant, teenage, parvenu, alluring, sensational, electrifying, boylike, rousing, girlish, preteen, spellbinding, counterfeit, green, early, current, succeeding, present-day, infantine, babyish, middle, intriguing, future, spick-and-span, preadolescent, gripping, engrossing, puerile, untested, involving, interesting, underage, unused, imitative, bewitching, boyish, contemporary, spectacular, inexperienced, stimulating, bran-new, arresting, brand-new, teen, radical, teenaged, kiddish, young, unborn, childly, suspenseful, thrilling, ongoing, new, callow, energizing, attractive, fabulous, stirring, absorbing, prospective, newfound, wonderful, breathtaking, unfamiliar, extant, youngish, inspiring, red-hot, enthralling.

Examples of usage:

1) Say, old man, saw you at Ford's last night. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) All the old friends have read your letter. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) We hope you will make new friends, and we ask only that you won't forget the old. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.