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Spell check of oft

Correct spelling: oft

hourly, perpetual, oftentimes, ofttimes, repeatedly, common, over and over, a great deal, continual, constantly, frequently, again and again, all the time, regularly, often, frequent, much, continually, a lot.

sometimes, infrequently, ne'er, now, little, rarely, seldom, never, sporadically, now and then, once, occasionally.

Examples of usage:

1) This expression, oft repeated, gave the Gilmores an ambition to prepare Anna for teaching. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) The eyes were deep sunk, the cheeks colorless, and around the angles of the mouth were those tell- tale circles which betray the action of an oft- tried temper, and the spirit that has gone through many a hard conflict. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) Was there some secret hope holding itself in concealment behind her oft repeated thought that life was ended for her? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.