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Spell check of offer

Correct spelling: offer

leave, consign, bash, expense, erect, impart, wisecrack, rate, ply, can, allow, invite, laissez passer, ration, adjure, go, tenderise, capping, cite, suggestion, deal, assay, declare oneself, prolong, state, disco biscuit, serve, price, devote, set forth, give, twist, ecstasy, snap, reach out, entreat, wish, worth, furnish, put forward, endure, house, quote, unfold, cater to, extend, hand, tolerate, straits, declare, cheapen, manifest, stand, strain, broaden, hug drug, run, bill, afford, cracking, come up with, stretch out, project, submit, quid pro quo, crack cocaine, assign, stretch forth, try, pay, rear, advise, trial, tender, charge, asseverate, invitation, purpose, poke out, turn, arrange, tour, stretch, pass, bequeath, allow for, strait, call, allot, approach, exsert, attribute, hand over, supply, introduce, put-up, walk, continue, spell, dole, help, passport, bestow, conjure, post, assist, proposition, quotation, send, spree, voice, maintain, suffer, step forward, deliver, grant, adduce, suggest, present, lavish, tin, endeavor, toss, digest, bid, beat down, beseech, shot, support, presentation, flip, aim, cater, scissure, offering, surrender, go game, assert, donation, nominate, satisfy, render, citation, proffer, gift, domiciliate, expand, share, propose, stomach, bestowal, show, bargain, tornado, counteroffer, notch, issue, brook, gap, distribute, equip, attempt, pledge, climb, protract, bye, part with, tenderize, allege, plead, essay, contribute, disburse, put out, passing play, investiture, volunteer, twirl, stab, swirl, raise, quip, carry, hold out, bottom out, bounce back, purport, press, pop the question, fissure, give away, whirl, abide, shower, set up, mountain pass, bear, claim, widen, pose, appraise, resource, affirm, concession, overture, commotion, lead, cranny, liberty chit, offer up, passing, vortex, lend, stick out, fling, submission, bring home the bacon, oblation, cristal, award, come forward, convolution, donate, fund, endow, draw out, yield, qualifying, gallop, cap, passing game, aver, provide, display, cover, crevice, base on balls, outlay, produce, say, head, fee, cleft, fracture, chap, ascribe, expend, sally, propound, dispense, whack, twisting, cost, advance, spin, endowment.

Examples of usage:

1) We must offer no opinion, no matter what we think, for the world may turn against the wrong one, and only time will tell. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Go back in shame, and let me never know who has dared to offer me this insult! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) The dogs were interested, but made no offer to give chase. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.