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Spell check of oakum

Correct spelling: oakum

bay, bowsprit, bow, bilge, amidships, berth, beam, aft, boom, blade.

Examples of usage:

1) Mat's son may be good as gold- I have nothing to say against the poor lad, who, after all, is my own flesh and blood; but it would be a sin and shame to wed him, when his father picked oakum in a felon's cell." - "Lover or Friend", Rosa Nouchette Carey.

2) Almost without knowing what I did, or why I did it, I seized a great mass of oakum and rubbish that lay on the deck saturated with oil, I thrust it into the embers of the fire in the try- works and hurled it blazing into the sea. - "Fighting the Whales", R.M. Ballantyne.

3) But he hugs closer the oakum- headed child as he remembers the one romance in his hard, humdrum life. - "Not Pretty, But Precious", John Hay, et al..