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Spell check of oafish

Correct spelling: oafish

dopey, mindless, doltish, thick-witted, bubbleheaded, fatuous, lunkheaded, opaque, bonehead, lamebrain, obtuse, birdbrained, dorky, soft, airheaded, unintelligent, brain-dead, vacuous, dim, Neandertal, piggish, unsmart, loutish, brainless, dense, dumb, unrefined, empty-headed, boneheaded, dull, pinheaded, porcine, weak-minded, boorish, thickheaded, piggy, chuckleheaded, slow, senseless, witless, swinish, Neanderthal, softheaded, slow-witted, dim-witted, dunderheaded, half-witted, hoggish, gormless, simple, thick.

highbrow, cerebral, intellectual, ingenious, resourceful, sane, sound, insightful, quick-witted, shrewd, cunning, sensible, acute, literate, scholarly, bright, crafty, hyperintelligent, schooled, wise, educated, apt, prudent, savvy, smart, knowledgeable, perceptive, fast, sage, knowing, keen, sharp-witted, ultrasmart, quick, sagacious, astute, logical, intelligent, well-read, sapient, brilliant, trained, sharp, foxy, discerning, supersmart, perspicacious, wily, rational, judicious, percipient, clever, nimble, reasonable, skilled, learned, brainy, valid, thinking, refined, informed, erudite.

Examples of usage:

1) He was blaming himself bitterly now for his oafish clumsiness in blurting out the news so abruptly. - "The Adventures of Sally", P. G. Wodehouse.

2) The elder sister watched them- Alce a little oafish in his Sunday blacks, Ellen wearing her new spring hat with the daisies. - "Joanna Godden", Sheila Kaye-Smith.

3) The Japanese are a subtle people, in the finest sense of the word, and I normally feel slightly oafish in their land. - "The Samurai Strategy", Thomas Hoover.