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Spell check of O'Shea

Correct spelling: O'Shea

Examples of usage:

1) " The city once the abode of the flower of Andalusian nobility," says the intelligent O'Shea in his Guide to Spain, " is inhabited chiefly by administradores of the absentee senorio; their 'solares' are desert and wretched, the streets ill paved though clean, and the whitewashed houses unimportant, low, and denuded of all art and meaning, either past or present." - "Familiar Spanish Travels", W. D. Howells.

2) And with the rise of the curtain Jimmy O'Shea had stepped on to the boards; for no man who knew him could ever hear the word bayonet without recalling him, if only for a second. - "No Man's Land", H. C. McNeile.

3) I looked up to see Jimmy O'Shea beside me. - "No Man's Land", H. C. McNeile.