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Spell check of O'Keefe

Correct spelling: O'Keefe

Examples of usage:

1) It was close to sundown when Brent himself arrived, and since he failed to encounter Jerry O'Keefe on the streets he did not pause to search for him, but went direct to the telegraph office. - "A Pagan of the Hills", Charles Neville Buck.

2) O'Keefe had gone back to the place where he had left the " Kid's" mount and the pack mule. - "History of 'Billy the Kid'", Chas. A. Siringo.

3) On Friday, November 18, 1881, two tenants, named Cronin and one O'Keefe, holding land from Lord Kenmare, came into my office in Killarney. - "The Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent", S.M. Hussey.