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Spell check of o'connor

Correct spelling: o'connor

Flannery O'connor, Mary Flannery O'Connor.

Examples of usage:

1) My old friend Dan O'Connor has mentioned you so often that I felt sure that I recognized the manner. - "Ashton-Kirk, Investigator", John T. McIntyre.

2) This meant in practice that he acted as head of a cabinet, which from 1906 onwards consisted of Mr. Dillon, Mr. Devlin and Mr. T. P. O'Connor- the last representing not only a great personal parliamentary experience and ability, but also the powerful and zealous organization of Irish in Great Britain. - "John Redmond's Last Years", Stephen Gwynn.

3) Mr. T. P. O'Connor at the same time undertook a tour in Canada. - "John Redmond's Last Years", Stephen Gwynn.