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Spell check of near

Correct spelling: near

full, tightlipped, since, border on, come up, immediate, artificial, across, nestle, barely, pricey, safe, hot, like, honorable, come, secure, closemouthed, slip by, bosom, gain on, earnest, approach, next-door, almost, neighbouring, nest, go about, affecting, come along, next, boney, climb, handy, chummy, inseparable, unspoiled, tightfitting, tight-fitting, relative, loom, neighbor, go up, faithful, advancing, good, earlier, cuddle, skinny, nearby, tightly fitting, beneficial, expert, adjoining, ripe, prior, bordering, surface, ascend, honest, pricy, set about, closely, coterminous, right, penny-pinching, close-fitting, stingy, looming, attached, some, living, rough, most, in effect, comparable, around, nearly, closelipped, beside, close together, about, after, snug, burn up, proximate, intimately, thick, skillful, apart, lift, just, adjacent, lifelike, akin, nigher, undecomposed, nigh, show up, cheeseparing, abutting, arise, advance, this, practically, creep by, salutary, side by side, close-up, high-priced, estimable, go on, unspoilt, upright, mount, hairbreadth, indistinguishable, hardly, first, shortly, make toward, roughly, skilful, go by, serious, close to, expected, all but, close, buddy-buddy, dear, effective, moral, inward, nearer, beloved, neighbour, devout, nuzzle, unreal, tick away, conterminous, well, draw near, ungenerous, soon, neighboring, dependable, turn up, alike, more or less, approaching, darling, snuggle, or so, shape up, early, confining, creep up on, well-nigh, removed, alongside, wear on, heartfelt, weedy, impending, intervene, hard, scarcely, proficient, united, rise, come near, secretive, nighest, elapse, previous, uprise, beyond, photo-realistic, get along, come on, go over, imminent, closing, local, sound, forthcoming, progress, friendly, approximately, gain, realistic, adept, converging, get on, practiced, ahead, similar, nearest, climb up, homogeneous, airless, tight, contiguous, before, scrawny, make for, left, by, approximate, burn down, just about, impend, come out, coming, related, virtually, sort of, scraggy, access, naturalistic, respectable, passing, approximative, next to, along, move up, three-dimensional, especial, unaired, in force, hither, warm, converge, distant, neighborhood, stuffy, costly, intimate, to the highest degree, bear down, closer, draw close, touching, underweight.

sham, that, reserved, opposite, outright, remote, nonrealistic, unqualified, furthest, incomparable, distant, deep, right, downright, separate, real, outlying, nonnatural, unmatched, utmost, phony, disconnected, remoter, contrasted, perfect, disjoined, frosty, unalike, out-of-the-way, contrasting, mock, further, detached, pure, cool, unlike, different, unfriendly, other, off, fake, generous, farthermost, farther, back, far, standoffish, separated, absolute, off the beaten track, furthermost, cold, out-and-out, true, unrealistic, outside, genuine, antisocial, unsociable, aloof, dissimilar, away, complete, divorced, farthest, faraway, natural, far-off, uttermost, unnatural, disparate, removed, withdrawn.

Examples of usage:

1) It was found in Goucher Hall near the mummy case. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) I brought over the table and put it in its place near the fire. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) It is hard- so hard that I came near staying at home this morning. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.