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Spell check of nacreous

Correct spelling: nacreous

shot, opalescent, bright, chatoyant, pearlescent, opaline, changeable, iridescent.


Examples of usage:

1) His striking Avant le bain was sold for one hundred and forty francs in 1875. Any one who has been lucky enough to see it at Durand- Ruel's will cry out at the stupidity which did not recognise a masterly bit of painting with its glowing, nacreous flesh tints, its admirable modelling, its pervading air of vitality. - "Promenades of an Impressionist", James Huneker.

2) He took from the sack a wondrous thing, luminous with nacreous hues. - "The Flying Legion", George Allan England.

3) At other times he would take the things He had made, and winding them on strings, Hang garlands before her, and burn perfumes, Chanting strangely, while the fumes Wreathed and blotted the shadow face, As with a cloudy, nacreous lace. - "Sword Blades and Poppy Seed", Amy Lowell.